Producers of pre-packed meat to focus marketing on children

Twelve brands of pre-packaged meat products in Belgian supermarkets aim their packaging or product design directly to children. That will learn new research from the University of Ghent that Greenpeace reports.

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The marketing of these products is used well known tricks to children, to entice: a special shape or unique view of the charcuterie, bright colors, nutrition claims and promotion on the popular kinderidolen. Packaging of kindercharcuterie rays, gaiety, pleasure and happiness, says Greenpeace together. Children are much more sensitive to reclametactieken than adults, because their reclamewijsheid still is not developed enough.

Eye level of children

‘Moreover, these products are in the shop often at eye level of children. The cogency of this is in previous research already demonstrated. Therefore, we are calling for caution in the use of such promotional techniques, ” says Liselot Hudders and Dieneke van de Sompel, teachers, marketing communications and consumer psychology at the Center for Persuasive Communication at the university of Ghent.

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Greenpeace has for some time campaigned for less but better meat. The common diet has implications not only for our health, but also for the climate, water and forests, the environmental organization. Greenpeace is calling on companies to work on ‘the transition to a diet that gives priority to healthy vegetable products and ecologically farmed meat.’


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