Pro-Trump super PAC files FEC complaint against the DNC over the Ukraine public relations

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Why has it not been found, in the study of Paul Manafort Ukrainian relations? Committee for the defence of the President, chairman Ted Harvey reacts.

The Democratic National Committee has been hit with a Federal Election Commission lawsuit that accuses a former DNC contractor to act improperly, to collect information on Paul Manafort and Donald Trump in the election of 2016, according to a copy of the complaint given to Fox News.

The complaint, filed by the pro-Trump-to Defend the Committee, the President, hinges on the work of Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor hired by the DNC in the election of 2016. The DNC, the complaint claims, “the task Chalupa with the procurement of load material or derogatory information about Donald Trump … [and] Paul Manfort.”

In may, Fox News reported that the Ukrainian Embassy confirmed that Chalupa had bumped for the Ukrainian officials publicly not to mention, Manafort, of the financial and political ties to the country. The disgraced former lobbyist is now more than seven years in prison for financial fraud with his work in the Ukraine.

Chalupa, according to the complaint, an attempt was made by the Ukrainian government provide information about Manafort’s work in the country. It was funded by the DNC to meet with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, in order to gain insight that would, theoretically, Hillary Clinton boost the Supplement for the President.

“The White house is pushing this story to distract from Donald Trump’s gross abuse of power in printing a foreign country is to interfere with our elections. No one will buy it.”

— Adrienne Watson – Democratic National Committee

“The Embassy got to know Mrs Chalupa, because their confrontation with the Ukrainian and other Diaspora in Washington, DC, and not in their DNC-capacity,” said the former Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly, in a statement. “We were surprised to see that Alexandra’s interest in Mr Paul Manafort case. It was your own thing.”

Ken Vogel, New York Times reporter who wrote about the history, Politically in 2017, tweeted that Chalupa was the representation of the DNC during their meeting with Ukrainian officials. This point is overlooked in the appeal, which claims that the acquisition Finance something of value in a political campaign from a foreign government a violation of the campaign.

“The White house is pushing this story to distract from Donald Trump’s gross abuse of power is to interfere in the printing of a foreign country, our elections,” said Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the DNC is specified. “No one will buy it.”

The complaint is signed by Dan Backer, a lawyer known in conservative circles for his legal work around the campaign Finance – often against Democrats. This year, he FEC has filed complaints against Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and Joaquin Castro, D-Texas. Previously, he was political action committees against Ocasio-Cortez and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif founded.

“It really comes down to the hypocrisy of the Democrats. It is the same thing that you did, year after year. … It is the kind of hypocrisy that I think really Americans frustrated.”

— Dan Backer to Defend the Committee, the President

Supporters of the President of the PAC, the organization is listed as the Treasurer for the Committee to Defend behind the complaint to the Federal Election Commission website. Supporters said the Chalupa complaint was Democrats on his radar for some time, and this seemed a good time to file carried out in light of the recent indictment request against Trump, the house.

“It really comes down to the hypocrisy of the Democrats,” a supporter said. “It’s the same thing you have done, from year to year. … It is the kind of hypocrisy that I think really Americans frustrated.”

The complaint, stuck like the back of his other, probably in a state of limbo for the foreseeable future does not meet the FEC currently there are enough commissioners by law – making it ineffective. After the resignation of the former Vice-Chairman Matthew S. Petersen in August, the Agency is left with only three members of the Commission, a short of a quorum and three is short a full roster.

“It is quite clear that you only show concern for breaking the rules, if you can, you point the Finger at someone else that you can think of, is to do it,” said Backer.

Fox News Gregg Re contributed to this report.

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