Pro-Trump firebrand Corey Stewart wins Virginia Senate primary, ultimate, Nevada, North Dakota race to take shape

Corey Stewart, the pro-Trump firebrand Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, speaks at his victory party Tuesday night in Virginia.

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Corey Stewart, a pro-Trump fire-brand and former state campaign Chairman for Trump won the presidential candidacy on Tuesday for the Republican Senate nomination, and incumbent Democratic sen. Tim Kaine in the November General election.

Stewart said he plans to campaign in a Trump-like way that appeals to the blue collar voters across the political spectrum. He is also committed to running a “ruthless” and “vicious” campaign against Kaine.

“We have a lot of fun between now and November, people,” Stewart said to a noisy crowd to his victory party Tuesday night, amid the chants of “castle.”

Kaine, Hillary Clinton ‘ s running mate in 2016, has a big fundraising advantage over Stewart.

Stewart’s victory was the second in the night for pro-Trump behind men, according to Mark Sanford, a persistent Trump-critics, often sparred with the President, was unseated hand, in the GOP primary in South Carolina.


But the battle lines have been drawn, in Nevada, the crucial Senate race, with the President of the Nevada sen. Dean Heller set to face off in a hard-fought battle against democratic Rep. Jacky roses in November.

“We have a lot of fun between now and November, people.”

Virginia GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart

Heller, the only Republican seeking re-election in a state that Hillary Clinton carried in the year 2016, was aggressively targeted by the Democrats, because his Senate seat is one of the few that Democrats hope to flip later this year.

He sailed to an easy primary victory only because the President of the Trump intervention. In March, Trump GOP Challenger Danny Tarkanian convinced to drop his bid against Heller in exchange for a trump endorsement in a house race.

In the announcement of its bid, roses, beat off several Democratic challengers as the polls predicted, has already highlighted a long time, to emphasize the GOP’s narrow majority in the Senate, is the increased national importance of the race.

“This Senate could not seat important — this year, Senator Heller was to have a decisive voice, to confirm, to allow Trump deeply unqualified education Secretary Betsy DeVos, States that defund planned Parenthood clinics, and the internet service providers sell your information to the highest bidder without your consent,” Rosen said of the voters.

The Heller was a past critic of the President, but has become closer with him in the last few months and helped with the overhaul of the US tax codes Trump’s Desk in December deliver.

There was some vote-counting drama as the night unfolds in Nevada. Election officials in two counties said there were a small number of display problems, in which some voters do not, at first glance, you can see a full list of candidates. Less than 30 voters were affected.

In North Dakota, meanwhile, former state Republican party Chairman, U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer defeated to win a little-known opponent North Dakota Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

He now faces a tougher campaign to unseat Democratic sen. Heidi Heitkamp in a race seen as crucial for the control of the closely Senate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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