Pro-ISIS poster threatens greater New York City attacks, the beheading of the nypd commissioner James O’neill


NYC suspect called Trump in Facebook post before the bombing

Defendant posted that the president ‘failed to protect’ his people.

ISIS threatened to unleash more terror attacks in New York City, and is depicted as NYPD Police Commissioner James O’neill at the mercy of a knife-wielding jihadi fighter in a terrifying new poster released Thursday — just three days after an ISIS-inspired Bangladesh man detonated a pipe bomb in a crowded subway passage.


(A pro-ISIS poster showed nypd commissioner James O’neill as an ISIS prisoner with a caption that threatened more NYC attacks. )

The poster, which is obtained by MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, showed O’neill as ISIS captured, dressed in the trademark orange jumpsuit worn by ISIS prisoners and kneeling in front of a New York City in the background under the words: “A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross.”

A smaller caption read: “We will do more Ops in your country, to the last hour, and we will burn you with the fire of the war that you started in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria and afghanistan.”

“Wait, we too are waiting,” the ominous message ended.

The threat comes just days after the 27-year-old Akayed Ullah detonated a screw-wrapped pipe bomb attached to his body in a crowded underground passageway in the vicinity of the port authority during the morning rush hour. The bomb didn’t go off as planned, the prevention of a potentially deadly carnage. Ullah was the only person seriously injured in the incident, three other people suffered injuries were not life-threatening.

Nypd commissioner James O’neill, center, speaks at a Monday press conference urging New Yorkers to report suspicious activity.


Ullah, who is facing terrorism and weapons charges, told the authorities that he planned the attack “for the Islamic State” and was angry about the AMERICAN policy in the Middle East, the criminal complaint stated. For the attack, Ullah wrote on Facebook: “Trump you failed to protect your nation.”

Just a few hours after the episode, O’neill said in a press conference that the City of New York will “not live in fear.”

“But if you see something suspicious, you have an obligation to come forward and tell us,” O’neill said.

The suspect allegedly chose to detonate the bomb in the passage, because he saw a Christmas poster.

ISIS issued ‘Christmas threat,” in November, the show of Santa next to dynamite in Times Square, London’s Regent Street and the eiffel tower also warned.

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) December 11, 2017

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