‘Private data customers bankrupt companies just sold’

Personal details of consumers who have customer lists of the bankrupt companies, are by curators, sold to the highest bidder, writes the weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, with platform Investico and Loyalty research.

Customer lists are according to the research sold to generate revenue for the creditors of a bankrupt company. That also happens to companies when the sign had promised, the data is never sold to third parties, writes for De Groene Amsterdammer.

That promised, for example, the web store for hearing aids After the shop in september last year went bankrupt, it was the customer base yet for 7,500 euro sold. The research showed that the copper from which information, including medical data could take.

With the new privacy law that in 2018, came into force, organizations and businesses clearer and more secure handling of personal data. Under the curators would be a lot of confusion about how the law is to be interpreted.

It is not known how many curators are and how much user data it are involved.

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Resale is not allowed

In a comment leave the Authority Personal data (AP) know that in a bankruptcy of an existing situation is frozen. “The curator will not suddenly get a lighter or a heavier regime of rules around privacy protection. The curator takes over in case of bankruptcy, the place of the person in charge, with all the attendant rights and obligations.”

The AP states that the administrator of personal data in the same way must treat it as the former controller. “He should personal data will not suddenly for a different purpose.”

According to the AP can a company or customer base to sell, but curators should be involved to inform them of the time to object to the transfer of the data.

It is not known whether the privacy watch dog has started a study to curators who do not keep the law.


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