Privacygroep suing government VS to to collection of private data of voters

Privacygroep suing government VS to to collection of private data of voters

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A privacygroep suing the U.s. government to prevent sensitive data of the voters be collected in one large database.

A commission that the integrity of the American elections must investigate all fifty U.s. states asked for their stemlijsten to hand. This contains names, addresses and dates of birth of voters, together with their partijvoorkeur and in some cases (parts of) their social security number.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) wants to double crochet stitches for the collection of this data in a central database and is to the right stepped, reported Bloomberg Tuesday. EPIC wants it to acquire data by fri night stops. The court has the government asked to respond to the lawsuit.

According to CNN, have sure 27 states already said that they are not or incompletely may respond to the request of the commission, because they have no private information can or should pass to the commission. In a tweet early president Donald Trump is “what they are trying to hide”.

Numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL. What are they trying to hide?


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13:07 – 01 July 2017


Trump called on the commission in the electoral fraud to investigate. The president has said that Hillary Clinton, by this fraud, more votes could gather than he is. Trump won the presidency by a majority of the electors to win in the American electoral systems, but not with a majority of the votes of citizens.

According to Trump, he had also a majority of all the votes “if the millions of illegal votes deducted”. According to experts, however, there is hardly any talk of electoral fraud in the US.

Shortly after the elections showed a tour of the New York Times that half of the states, not a single study was conducted to stembusfraude, while in other states, at most, dozens of suspicious votes (out of a total of millions) were examined.

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