Privacy watch dog to start dozens of investigations after reports of data leakage

Privacy watch dog to start dozens of investigations after reports of data leakage

The Authority Personal data (AP) in the past year, dozens of investigations into data breaches that have been reported under the since January 1, preset obligation to report data breaches.

That tells the new chairman Aleid Wolfsen of the AP in an interview with

City warns that the studies will most likely be fines and penalties will ensue. Since January 1, 2016, businesses and public authorities are obliged to large and small data breaches to report, and the Authority of Personal data impose fines if the data are insufficiently protected.

Earlier this week, that happened in the United Kingdom at provider TalkTalk. There were personal and private information stolen in a hack, and found the local supervisory authority that the company fails had been in the security of the data.

“We have a whole series of leaks, we now have dozens of studies, so that will also happen.” In the reports that the AP will often to human errors, but also “serious leak of medical data,” says Wolfsen.

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Recently tapped the Authority’s Personal data still two companies on the fingers after it appeared that they are in the public space wi-fi-trackers had been installed. That technology is explained to unsolicited clear who is there to be passing by, on the basis of the unique MAC addresses of smartphones and other electronics with a wi-fi chip.

The supervisor decided that in this case no penalty, but a cease and desist. “There we had a fine may be imposed, but that process was started when the fine did not yet exist.

“Therefore, we have zorgvuldigheidshalve said: you also need a bit of legal certainty. So we adapt the legal instruments that existed at the time of the discovery of the violation. So that fines sit on it.”


In the interview, let Wolfsen is critical of the many data breaches that municipalities are reported. Recently revealed figures from the AP that almost half of all Dutch municipalities a datalek has been reported.

“I think that one is a Gemeenteland still insufficiently aware of the fact that they have so many date and also very sensitive data of people.”

There is, according to the City’s “no justification” for the poor security of private information. “As a small municipality that fails, then they have the help of big brother alone.”

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