Princeton grad will get the maximum sentence in killing of hedge fund dad

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The dead have been seized in New York city, and the City in which it was held for the first time, have been reported.

A Princeton university graduate with movie-star looks, was accused of the creation of his hedge fund father, tony new YORK apartment and fatally shooting him. His mother, he asked me to get him a Coca-Cola out of a store and found her husband’s body in their bedroom.

The trial was not about who pulled the trigger; it was about whether or not Thomas Gilbert, Jr., was aware of his actions at the time of the shooting.

Thomas Gilbert, Jr.
(Manhattan District Attorney)

On Friday, a judge in Manhattan, ruled against the murderer, and sentenced him to the maximum sentence allowed: 30 years to life. Prosecutors said Gilbert knew what he was doing and – “he threw the ultimate tantrum after his benefits are cut.

Gilbert said the supreme court, for about 10 minutes and referred to himself as “the defendant”, The New York Times reported.

He told the court, “The defendant’s expression of remorse.” He is also a

Justice Melissa Jackson was not convinced that he is insane.

“You knew exactly what you were doing,” she said, according to the Times. “You weren’t in love with the moment you killed your father. You weren’t crazy about it then. You’re not going crazy right now.”

Thomas Gilbert, Sr. was fatally shot on Jan. 4, 2015. The younger Gilbert,, showed up unannounced and angry, and that he is losing his weekly allowance of $1,000. According to the public prosecutor’s office, and he spent the money on travel, memberships to elite clubs, sports clubs and all other personal expenses, but I was not able to hold a steady job.

His parents, who are also covered in basic living costs, was to encourage him to be more self-sufficient, and step-by-step low monthly payment.

When Gilbert and his mother, occurred after the sentencing that her son was mentally ill and was not able to understand his actions. The New York Times reported that she pleaded with the judge to keep her son in a mental institution.

“I know that this is what my husband wanted for him,” she said.

The jury is dismissed and the 35-year-old defendant’s insanity defense during the trial, to decide that he was killed in the hedge-fund manager with a shot to the head at close range with a semi-automatic pistol, a .40-caliber Glock, bought it months ago from a seller in Ohio. Prior to the flight, the apartment, and Gilbert had to put the gun in his father’s hand, trying to stage his death as a suicide, according to testimony from a witness.

Thomas Gilbert, Sr. it was a much-loved member of the family, the extended family, and the business community as well as his own son, and murdered him in cold-blooded murder,” district attorney Cyrus Vance said on Friday, in a statement. “But right now, my office is the prosecuting attorney, the defendant has finally been held accountable, and he will have to serve a life sentence for this heinous crime.”

The elder Gilbert was the founder and managing director of the New York-based Wainscott Capital ners Fund.


His son was also convicted and sentenced on a charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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