Princess Diana was often in tears by paparazzi

Princess Diana was often in tears by paparazzi

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Princess Diana was often in tears after a confrontation with the paparazzi, says Prince William during the documentary Diana: Our Mother, that Monday evening will be broadcast on HBO. “I can unfortunately remember that they are most often wept after a breach of the press.”

In the documentary gaze of the British princes back on the life of their mother, who twenty years ago passed away after a car accident in Paris. It is the first time that the two brothers so openly speak about the death of princess Diana.

A part of Diana: Our Mother is about the struggles of the royal family with the press. That reports the website Time, that beforehand decision had to the documentary. Thus, more footage was shown in which princess Diana to journalists, asks to stop with the filming of her sons during a skiing holiday. It also shows how she, with effort, a building, enter, and because there are so many photographers stand for.

“If you are the princess of Wales and a mother, then I don’t think it is appropriate, if you are chased by thirty men on motorbikes who to block, who to you to spit, that you scream and are very very badly worn but the response you get”, says prince William about the incident.

“They made sure that a woman publicly cried, so they pictures had,” he continues. The prince says by the experiences with the press in his youth itself nowadays to be careful with paparazzi and therefore more barriers.

Last phone call

In addition, says prince William in the documentary about the last phone call with his mother, to his regret very was rushed. His brother Harry is on the word over the years that he was employed and how that for him felt like an escape.

In Diana: Our Mother are also some of the friends of the princess were interviewed, including Elton John. Also, the conversations about her royal wedding, and work for charities that they verichtte.

The princes wanted the documentary like to make to the memory of their mother to secure and had the feeling that they are “this to her required”, so they told previously to The Telegraph.

Prince Harry: “I think that it is never easy for us will be to get her to talk, but after twenty years it is time to remind people of the difference that they are made within the royal family but also in the world.”

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