Princess, Cunard cruise lines face backlash after charging the passengers twice

Customers planning to travel on the three of the world’s largest cruise lines recently received a number of unwanted news for their planned trip– they were charged more than once for the holiday.

At the end of last week, hundreds of people who booked itineraries of P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Cunard there was a second pending transaction for the trips that they have already paid for some were the thousands of dollars, leaving many in an undesirable financial situation, The Telegraph reports.

Over the weekend, the social media pages of each cruise line were inundated with complaints from customers, ranging from shock and anger to frustration.

@cunardline Still no reply to my e-mails. My card is frozen, which means that I can’t use it until the refund applied

— Samsung212121 (@samsung212121) 22 May 2017

@PrincessCruises is still waiting on a phone call… fine for the promotion of new cruises to new customers forget about the booked ones double loaded…

— Craig Rigby (@crigby88) May 21, 2017

@pandocruises have stolen £4000+ customers ‘ bank accounts. Not even an apology #pandocruises

— John Addy (@JohnAddy1) 23 May 2017

@pandocruises You deducted £1358 of my account on Friday and now I have to wait 5-7 working days for you to return. I’m disgusted!

— jonathan gray (@jonathangray24) 22 May 2017

@cunardline Angry to find almost £2K wrongly taken from my account, especially when we are on a cross country road trip. No time for that!

— Arne’s House (@arneshouse) 23 May 2017


Upon further investigation into the incident, the cruise lines has since placed blame on Elavon, a third-party payment provider, called the incident a “one-off technical error” in a joint statement, according to The Telegraph.

“Refunds will be processed, and we are working with Elavon to investigate. Any costs incurred by the guests as a result of this issue will be refunded. We offer our apologies to those who were affected by this error,” the statement released Monday said.

But those customers affected by the error to say that the double burden have a snowball effect on their bank accounts. On Cruise Critic’s of the consumer forum, someone wrote that P&O Cruises took the £ 3,600 (about $4,670) from his bank account Friday for a cruise he had already paid for earlier in the year. The customer complains claimed that the error resulted in a negative balance bank account, according to Travel Agent Central.

The technical payment system error is not the only problem Princess Cruises is currently facing.

On Twitter, several customers have complained about their negative experience aboard the cruise line in the past few days, pointing to problems with flooded rooms and poor customer service.

@PrincessCruises Emerald Princess. Worst cruise ever. Flooded room, drink packages will not be accepted. Terrible customer service.

— Jeffrey Thomson (@jeffrey_thomson) May 21, 2017

@PrincessCruises, had just #theworst experience in the #crowngrill on the #rubyprincess and #customerservice. Never again.

— Sarah McClure (@SarahMcClure10) 20 May 2017


All three of the cruise lines involved in the double-charging incident are the property of Carnival Corporation. A representative for Carnival was not immediately available for comment.

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