Prince William may be getting better about his deceased mother talking

Prince William may be getting better about his deceased mother talking

This year, twenty years ago, that princess Diana, the mother of prince William, died. The prince can recently always seemed more candid to talk about it.

That’s what he says in an interview with the British magazine GQ.

“I can now better deal than that I’ve done. I can be open and honest about her talk and find it less difficult to publicly things about her to say,” says William to the magazine.

That has, according to the prince for nearly twenty years. “If you make someone lose, you can choose to have your grief to share or understand the way to stop. But I have that choice never had, because all my mother knew, and knew what had happened.”

There are often times when the British prince, his mother is missing. “I was very happy to have her advice and my children had to see grow. It makes me sad that that will never happen, that she will never know,” said William.


Prince William tells in the interview how important his family is to him. “I, my work would not be able to do without the stability of my family. That is so important to me.”

Also want William for his children to grow up in the real world and not behind the walls of the palace.

“I want them to grow up in a happy, stable and secure world, that we find as parents is very important. Of course that is difficult by the presence of the media, but I will fight my children to live a normal life,” said the prince.

Diana died on 31 August 1997 in Paris at the consequences of a car accident. The driver was drunk and lost while trying paparazzi to shake off the power on the wheel.

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