Priebus dishes on the White house chaos, meetings in ” near-withdrawal

Reince Priebus speaks on his tenure as White house chief of staff.


Reince Priebus, the former White house chief of staff, has kept a low profile since his fall in the last summer, speaks to the chaos he experienced in “the West Wing in those early months – the detail of the fiery power consumed in the fight to prevent the Trump team, according to James Comey ‘s distance, and in the jostling, state attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation.

“Take everything you’ve heard and multiply that by 50,” Priebus said.

The former Republican National Committee boss spoke with author Chris Whipple for an updated version of his book “The gatekeeper: How the White House Chiefs of Staff of Each presidency to Define.”

In a custom passage in Vanity Fair, Priebus and other sources of new details about what was happening behind the scenes, Trump ousted, his FBI Director, apparently against the will of Priebus and White House Counsel Don McGahn.

The report is in the immediate subsequent period, the chief strategist Steve Bannon blew up in Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, who supports Trump’s decision to fire Comey and supposedly the communication was angry, the team had to fight to defend it.

“There is not a f—ing what you can do to sell!” Bannon allegedly screamed Kushner. “No one can sell! P. T. Barnum couldn’t sell! The people are not stupid! This is a terrible, stupid decision which is going have a massive impact. It can be shortened have a Trump presidency—and it’s because of you, Jared Kushner!

As special counsel, then was named to Russia’s interference case, Priebus described the crisis, which soon after, at the two Sessions:

“Don McGahn came into my office pretty hot, red, out of breath, and said, ‘We have a problem.’ I replied, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Well, we have a special counsel, and meetings only resigned.’ I said, ‘What?! What the hell are you talking about?’ “

Priebus detailed a scramble from this point on, to dissuade, to leave meetings. He is, apparently, the West Wing Parking lot ” and jumped in sessions sedan, say to him, “you can’t resign.” This led to a meeting with Bannon and Vice President of the Pence, “and we started to talk with him, to the point where he decided that he would resign, then to the right, and he would think instead about it.”

According to Whipple, meetings, a resignation delivered letter, but Priebus said he’s convinced trump.

Sessions’ resignation threat, which followed, apparently, has a humiliating dressing-down by the President, in the published reports, however, not in this detail.

The book adaptation goes on to describe other collision. Whipple writes that Priebus was said about the summer sessions’ resignation, but Priebus is convinced Trump otherwise.

Whipple also the details of what led then-press spokesman Sean Spicer infamous January look like in 2017 briefing, where he attacked the media for coverage of the inauguration crowd size.

He writes that Priebus got a call from an angry Trump shortly after 6 in the morning after the inauguration to complain about news reports showed his first masses do not measure up to those of his predecessor. Priebus said Trump insisted, “There are more people. There are people who could not get in the gates. … There are all kinds of things that were, which made it impossible to get for these people.”

Whipple writes that Priebus thought about arguing, quantity, size was not a good fight, get the day after the inauguration, but the commander-in-chief knew he had to decide: “I’m going to go to war over this with the President of the United States?”

Priebus was ousted by Trump last July, and replaced by John Kelly, whose own job security is now in doubt as a trump complains about Kelly’s handling of allegations of domestic violence by top aide Rob Porter. Porter resigned last week.

For all the drama and turmoil of his days with trump, Priebus Whipple said, “I love the guy.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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