Prick with pain in lower bottom also effective in heupartrose

Prick with pain in lower bottom also effective in heupartrose

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A jab in the lower bottom with analgesic corticosteroids is effective in patients with heupartrose, a common rheumatic disease in the Netherlands. Currently, injections with corticosteroids in the hip joint.

The current injection with the corticosteroid via the hip joint will be administered is more complex than in the lower bottom. For an injection in the hip joint, patients should go to the hospital, moreover, it must be put in by a specialist in the Radiology department.

A jab in the lower bottom may also be given by a doctor, its treatment is cheaper. The effect of the injection in the lower bottom held approximately twelve weeks.

Desiree Dorleijn did for the Erasmus MC, research into the pain relief of heupartrose with corticosteroids in the lower bottom. “The jab in the buttock is especially a good intermediate step. In the future, the prick in the lower bottom can be compared to the injection into the joint,” according to Dorleijn, that Wednesday will be awarded a phd for her study.

Dorleijn compared two groups, with one group a placebo and inflicted, and the other active ingredient. The effects of the injection in the hip joint is not compared with an injection in the lower bottom. It should be according to the researcher, especially, are seen as a valuable addition.


It is estimated that in the Netherlands, about 240 000 people suffer from heupartrose. The rheumatic disease often develops in middle age and causes the cartilage in joints thins. When ibuprofen or paracetamol, not more work may be chosen for an injection with corticosteroids, as a temporary solution.

The last step in pain treatment is the put of a hip replacement.

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