Price was very happy after the bizarre mistake of O’connor at the world cup of darts

Gerwyn Price, realize that we are at a rapid pace, his tweederondepartij at the world CHAMPIONSHIP darts in London and is well weggekomen at William O’Connor. The Irish seemed to be on his way to a corner, but a stunning mistake made sure that the Price is yet to win a medal.

O’connor had the deciding fifth set, in a 2-2 position in the legs that he had a score of two-over was, in fact, a score of four.

The caller said that we wanted to be, and it was up on the scoreboard next to the dartboard. Nevertheless, it was O’connor, for the two of them. He turned first to the outside of the plate, and then a single, and then threw himself to death. Then it broke down Price on him and where he is still to win.

“In the end, my opponent in the entire game for one mistake and that’s what I told him to punish him”, said the 34-year-old Price, after the press conference. “He was high-scoring and throw it to me really hard, made. Luckily, I was fatal at key moments. This has ultimately made the difference.”

Price will have a strong season and is regarded as one of the major challengers of the titelfavoriet, with Michael van Gerwen. So he beat ‘Mighty Mike’, last month is still in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam of Darts.

The relief on Gerwyn Price, after his narrow victory against William O’connor. (Photo: Getty Images)

Price-performance is often poor at the world cup

Of Price’s status at the world cup, can deliver remains to be seen. At the world cup, he has, in the past few years is anything but impressive. The Dutch boss has never got any further than the first round, and last year, in the second round will be turned off.

“I don’t feel any pressure because I am the next challenger for Michael jackson, but I do feel the pressure because of my performance at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS,” continued Price. “That is the pressure I create myself, because I’m always bad, I have played this game. Sometimes, I’m going to be better for throwing, but now, it was the pressure may be too high.”

“Of course, I realize that I am weggekomen. I was out today in the tournament and might have to do.”

Price will play on Friday, the 27th of december, in the third round of the world CHAMPIONSHIP of darts against John Henderson.

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