Prey of Dick Maas on place five of the best reviewed movies in China

The horror film Prey of the Dick Maas is on the fifth place of the best-attended cinema in China last week. The film was by more than a million moviegoers viewed.

In the Netherlands pulled the film in 2016, only 30,000 of moviegoers.

The film, at this time almost four thousand Chinese cinemas to see it, a horror with black humor about a rogue lion who is a carnage wreaks in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Prey appeared this past Friday in China. In conversation with gave Maas not to know whether his film has been adapted for the Chinese market.

“I don’t know if they cut in it, and whether or not there is a dubbing over it is gone. You sell a movie for a flat fee (a fixed amount, red.), then you have to actually let go. We have Prey also to France and Japan and has sold and that was still with some consultation, but China is one of the most difficult countries. Per year to be there at all, but a piece or thirty foreign films on the market.”

Maas broke in 1983 with his horror film The elevator and then became Flodder. That comedy is still in the top ten of the best-visited Dutch films ever. Also the sequel to Flodder in Amerika! and the thriller Art achieved high bioscoopopbrengsten, just as the comedy Moordwijven and horror film Sint.


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