Preventing Hair Loss

Patients suffering from hair fall can get the right information about how to put a stop to hair fall, on this website. Over the ages, hair fall has been regarded with a negative perspective and has been associated with loss of beauty and aging. Therefore, hair loss has always been a reason for great emotional distress leading to social withdrawal in few cases.

The emotional impact of hair loss is more in individuals who suffer from it prematurely. Below are a few tips for preventing hair loss, for individuals who want to avoid going through the agony of suffering from it. The tips are also useful for preventing further hair loss in people who are already suffering from the condition. The tips provided below are based on scientific facts.
•    Use of multi-mineral and multi-vitamin pills: People having hair loss are usually suffering from the deficiency of vital nutrients. Hence, a diet rich in nutrients can help patients in putting a stop to hair loss. The use of multi-vitamin and multi-mineral pills can be very beneficial in taking care of this deficiency.

•    Alcohol, smoking and caffeine: People consuming alcohol are at increased risk of suffering from hair loss. Also, smoking can be a predisposing factor for hair loss. Hence, patients should avoid the consumption of these in order to prevent hair loss. Apart from this, caffeine can also lead to hair loss due to its diuretic action. Intake of caffeine leads to increased urination, which causes depletion of fluids from body and from hair roots. This can lead to malnourishment of hair roots making them weak leading to hair loss. Patients suffering from hair loss should avoid intake of coffee to prevent hair fall.

•    Proper sleep: Sound sleep of 7-8 hours is essential for healthy well being of a person. Proper sleep is essential for the body for regenerating body cells, including hair. Thus, sound sleep can help in re-growth of hair and prevents thinning of hair.

•    Use of good hair products: Patients should select their brands of hair products carefully. Use of specialist products for the particular condition of your hair can be beneficial in preventing hair fall. For example, patients having dry hair should use a shampoo and a conditioner meant for these types of hair. Also, patients suffering from dandruff should use a good anti-dandruff shampoo. These can help them in taking care of the underlying condition responsible for hair fall and thus helps in preventing it.

•    Hair care: Proper care of hair is essential for preventing hair loss. Patients should trim the split ends of hair regularly, as they can obstruct the process of hair growth. Patients should ensure that the hair and scalp are shampooed regularly to keep them clean. Also, use of hot or cold water for rinsing hair should be avoided. Using a deep conditioner containing proteins can help in strengthening of hair. Patients should not comb, tug or twist hair immediately after washing, as the roots are more prone to breakage when they are wet. Using blow-dryer or any other device causing heat damage to hair should be avoided. Patients should have a practice of brushing or combing hair before hair wash, as this can help in increasing blood flow to the scalp and can also help in loosening up of flakes of dead skin and sebum. However, it should be remembered that over-combing of hair can cause damage to hair and result in breakage of hair. Patients should avoid hairstyles that need pulling of hair tightly. Pulling of hair tightly leads to friction in hair strands causing breakage of hair. This process is called tractional alopecia.

•    Dietary precautions: Patients suffering from hair loss should increase their water intake to prevent dehydration of hair roots. Diet high in folic acid can also help in preventing hair loss, as folic acid is essential for healthy growth of hair. Patients should have a diet rich in proteins to help regeneration of hair cells. Proteins can also help in providing good nourishment to hair and can improve the texture of hair. Increasing intake of green leafy vegetables can help in putting a stop to hair fall. Apart from this, wheatgerm, whole grains, yeast, sprouts and fruits are very beneficial for preventing hair loss. Soybean is a good source of proteins and also has an action as DHT inhibitor. It helps in reducing levels of DHT in body and prevents hair loss. Vitamin C can help in increasing absorption of iron in the body, thus helping in preventing hair loss. It should be noted that growth of hair depends upon overall general health of a patient.

•    Herbal preparations: Patients having rough hair can use fenugreek seeds for softening hair. The seeds can be powdered and mixed with water to make a paste that can be applied to scalp regularly for preventing roughness of hair. Patients suffering from dandruff can increase intake of zinc to prevent drying of scalp.

•    Massage of scalp: Doing a hair and scalp massage can have a beneficial effect. It improves blood circulation to the scalp area. Use of oil for massaging should be kept minimal, as it leads to increased use of shampoo while taking hair wash and that can have its own negative effects. Also, no studies have proven the nutritional effect of oil for the scalp. If patients are using oil for scalp massaging, they should apply it with light hands over the scalp or else there can be increased hair fall especially of hair in the shedding stage.

•    Hair care in Monsoons: It is essential to take more care of hair in the rains as increased humidity in these days can have a negative effect on scalp and hair. Humidity causes weakening of hair, making them break off easily. If patients get wet in rain, they should shampoo hair immediately after reaching home. It is important to mention that rainwater contains atmospheric pollutants, which can weaken hair. Also, patients should avoid straightening, perming or coloring of hair in rainy season, as it can lead to increased hair loss.

A proper care of hair and general health can go a long way for preventing hair loss and can help patients in getting healthy and natural growth of hair.


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