Prevent injury by good to eat: “When Ajax come, more and more players to fish” questions

Thomas D’have, expert in voetballetsels, is surprised that in the football world the link between injuries and eating habits are still not recognised. ‘It is staggering how little footballers on a regular basis, eat fish.’

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Recently, it was the 32-times Dutch international Ron Vlaar, who, in The Telegraph again reported: pain relief and anti-inflammatories are in football are often the first choice. There are football players, not better, on the contrary. Therefore, let us have a look at how the healing of a wound.

Any injury, both on the inside and the outside of our body, must as soon as possible to be covered by myofibroblasten. That connective tissue cells with the ability to pull together and fibronectin to produce. They ensure that a network emerges that the wound cover, and a sort of crust forms.

The chemical ingredient to this myofibroblasten in the wound to draw, however, only be free if there in the connective tissue, a division takes place between two specific amino acids: leucine (leucine, valine and is), and glutamine (Glut). When connective tissue is damaged, this damage is random, which is not exactly at the transition leucine, valine and is-Glut. That is why any damage to connective tissue, the substance collagenase A is activated. That then sets up the messenger to be released that is capable of leucine to split from glutamine. That happens in places that initially were not damaged. This occurs in the first instance, collateral damage, and the wound bigger. But that process is so necessary to myofibroblasten to attract.

This additional damage is man-translated as something negative. But how can a universal given, something that all of the organisms takes place, are wrong?

There were drugs being developed, such as NSAID, Ibuprofen, and Voltaren, and there is ice cream used to be, so to speak, to limit the damage. But these compounds inhibit the action of collagenase A, so that a messenger should be exempt to leucine of glutamine to be able to split myofibroblasten to be able to attract, so that fibronectin is able to create a normal wound healing to take place.

Could it be that these interventions, rather, the wound healing and delay the completion of the healing process impossible? In the 16th century they knew the answer to this question already: pus bonum et laudabile . The more inflammation, the more favorable the healing.


At Ajax players come to fish questions.

In the football world are anti-inflammatories taken as candy to suppress symptoms, but that can therefore never be a part of a natural wondhelingsproces or resoleomics.Therefore, the clinical psycho-neuro-immunology looking for interventions that are the natural wound healing support, such as ensure that players have the right fatty acids in their diet.

Because when damage occurs to a blood vessel, by, for example, a enkelverzwikking, immediately fatty acids: EPA, DHA, and arachidonic acid. These fatty acids can be converted into / stop signals, in lipoxinen and resolvinen, that the inflammation will end. The more damage and swelling, the more stopmoleculen there is free will. In clinical psycho-neuro-immunology is the limit of the swelling then is also a contra-indication. That we do not.

The blood vessels must advance, prior to the trauma, of course, are loaded with the right fatty acids to that natural process of termination of the inflammation, in order to be able to convert. If not, it is not, or not enough.

A rich source of EPA and DHA is fish. But it is staggering how little footballers on a regular basis, eat fish. In our daily practice, in which we extended the diet of players in the map, we keep players on the floor who never eat fish. That leads only to inflammation, which, moreover, could not cure. Because if our tissues are loaded with pork and sunflower oil in place of healthy fatty acids, in tissue damage other molecules to be free and who complete the wondhelingsproces not. That leads to chronic inflammation.


I find it shocking that so many footballers are regularly anti-inflammatories to take, but the nose to retrieve a herring.

Therefore, it is hallucinatory in the way the link between injuries and diet still not recognised. In the meantime, turns out yet again a new scientific publication that a lack of resolvine leads to arthritis. Resolvine is a substance from the omega 3, so fish. I find it shocking that so many footballers are regularly anti-inflammatories to take, but the nose to retrieve a herring.

But sometimes, I am also positively surprised. At Ajax, for example, come in the kitchen, more and more players own fish questions. Nutritionist Gregory Hirschfeld, with whom I work, advises them to be more fish to eat. There they are on the right track, because the best moment for an injury to resolve, prior to the injury.

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