President Trump on a surprise visit to American troops in Iraq

The American president Donald Trump on Wednesday in the company of his wife Melania a surprise visit to U.s. troops in Iraq.

The White House spokesman told the couple of Tuesday night shows from Washington have left.

It is the first time that Trump a conflict zone has visited since he was almost two years ago, became president. He was therefore the last time critics. After Trump in addition, last month a visit to a military cemetery of the First world War in France afzegde because of the rain, was the criticism louder.

The president on Wednesday about three hours of time spent with the military. Although there is in Iraq, since the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) last year, a series of nederslagen has suffered, no large-scale violence has taken place, the soldiers are still present. The troops are training Iraqi forces.

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Trump defended the decision to withdraw troops from Syria

During his visit in Iraq has the president’s decision to the U.s. troops out of Syria to withdraw defended. “I think a lot of people will heave to my way of thinking. It is time that we go head to use,” said Trump during the visit.

According to Trump, the two thousand soldiers there is not more needed because the terrorist organization Islamic State is defeated.

In addition, Trump also decided to have half of the 14,000 U.s. military personnel present in Afghanistan to pull back. The Us secretary of Defense James Mattis announced therefore, earlier this week.

Trump said during the visit in Iraq that he has no plans to the soldiers who are there to pull back.

“In fact we can this basis as anything else we want to do business in Syria.” He also said no hurry to want to deal with the follow-up of Mattis. Secretary of state Patrick Shanahan, Sunday, designated, from January 1, the face where the department, “there may still be a long time.”

Donald Trump and his wife Melania during the visit to the troops in Iraq. (Photo: AFP).

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