President Rusada calls on Putin for cooperation with WADA

President Yuri Ganus of the Russian antidopingbureau Rusada has appealed to president Vladimir Putin. He wants to ensure that his country fully cooperate in the handing over of data from doping tests from Russian athletes at researchers of the global antidopingbureau WADA.

Experts of the wereldantidopingbureau WADA returned Friday with empty hands, return home. The visit to the dopinglab of Moscow was among the conditions which have been imposed after a suspension of three years from the Rusada in september surprisingly was lifted.

Minister Pavel Kolobkov of Sport declared on Wednesday that his country was willing to copy the data, with due observance of the Russian laws. “The technical details and the use of certain equipment must still be discussed”, according to Kolobkov.

‘Decrease accreditation ensures isolation of Russian sport’

Ganus is afraid that by the delay, the Russian sport is harmed. “If WADA again our accreditation decreases, that the Russian sports isolate,” says the president of Rusada in a to Putin targeted video message.

The Rusada was three years suspended, after it appeared that the dopinglab was involved in large-scale by the state-controlled doping. That also led to the exclusion of Russian athletes for the Olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang. Only ‘clean’ athletes from Russia were under a neutral flag to participate.

For the restoration of the accreditation of the Russian dopinglab for 31 december inspection. “We are at the edge of the abyss, and I ask you the present and the future of clean sport and to protect,” said Ganus. “This needs to be resolved soon.”

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