President of Poland, threatening with blockade reform supreme court

President of Poland, threatening with blockade reform supreme court

Photo: AFP

The Polish president Andrzej Duda threatens his signature to a controversial reform of the supreme court to remember. Reforms are needed, because the Poles are not satisfied with the way the law works, “but the reforms must be wise”, the president said Tuesday.

So want to Duda for the election of a college, which is now, judges must appoint no ordinary majority is required, but a three-fifths. The ruling y, Law and Justice (PiS) is there in the parliament not to.

The PiS since her election victory in 2015, working on the influence of the government on the state-owned media, courts and the Public Ministry to expand. She suggests that those bodies are still under the strong influence of the communists and that the parliament has more to say about appointments, so that those bodies are more the ordinary citizen to operate.

The parliament debated Tuesday about the proposals of the PiS. The parliament has since Sunday, when thousands of Poles in Warsaw and other cities the streets were against the plans to demonstrate cordoned off with fences.

The European Union also has its concerns about the proposals expressed. The opposition sees in the preparation of president Duda is a sign that the PiS on the heave.

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