President of Mauritania to leave the Gambia after last attempt

President of Mauritania to leave the Gambia after last attempt

Photo: AFP

The Mauritanian president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz has Gambia shortly before midnight (local time) to leave, after a final attempt to Gambian president Yahya Jammeh to convince to resign.

Aziz flew after the talks, immediately returned to neighboring Senegal. That was a Senegalese presidential source, according to Reuters. At that time, was the deadline to Jammeh for midnight to step down, expired. Substantive details about the discussions are not published.

Senegal threatened to Gambia to drop in if Jammeh is not listening to the call. “We are ready and waiting for midnight. If there is no political solution, we fall within,” said a colonel of the Senegalese army. So far there are no reports that suggest a military intervention.

Jammeh has been a few days for the transfer of power to the state of emergency is declared. He tries to have the election results void.

Oppositiekandidaat Adama Barrow has the election won. He wants the economy on the rails and has promised an end to human rights violations in the country.


Surely 26,000 people are the Gambia fled to Senegal left because they turmoil fear, according to the afghan refugee organisation of the United Nations. The organization relies on the figures of the Senegalese authorities

“Until the night of 16 January there were 26,000 people. The influx has since increased sharply,” said Helene Caux UNHCR. According to her, it goes in 80 percent of the cases, for women with children.

Due to the turmoil in the Gambia, hundreds of Dutch tourists from the holiday teruggevlogen. Also other European countries to get tourists back out of the country.

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