President of Kenya falls to the judges to annul election results

President of Kenya falls to the judges to annul election results

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President Uhuru Kenyatta wants the judiciary in Kenya to address. The country, he said, has “a problem” with the judges, who determined that the previous month by him won the elections about to be done.

“Who have you chosen? Are you chosen?” he said about the members of the supreme court. “We have a problem that we must resolve.”

Addressing the judiciary will possibly happen after the new elections, as Kenyatta reiterated his statement from Friday, that he the decision of the judges in this country. “At the present time we see each other first at the ballot box”, he let Twitter know.

The supreme court declared the election victory of Kenyatta Friday invalid. The chief judge stated that the decision by four of the six members of the court was sustained. Details of the ruling are about three weeks published.

Result of the Kenyan presidential election annulled

The results of the presidential election in Kenya be declared null and void by the supreme court.

To the delight of opposition leader Odinga, who is of the opinion that president Kenyatta will only be by tampering with the results is re-elected, there will be a new election.

Supporters of Odinga celebrated after publication of the judgment party on the street.

After the election results last month it became known, vomiting unrest in the country, with eleven deaths.

Kenyatta is calling for calm now his recent election victory has been declared void.

The Kenyan presidential election must, within sixty days be repeated because the election commission has been guilty of “irregularities and illegaliteiten”.

Odinga: “This is a very historic day for the Kenyan people. It is the first time in the history of African democratisation is that a court presidential election after irregularities annulled.”

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is the case to the supreme court, said Friday that members of the national electoral commission should be prosecuted. The president reported the same day that a number of employees to be replaced. Not clear how many people and whether that is enough to Odinga’s supporters are satisfied.

The opposition says, on the basis of their own figures that Odinga the new president of Kenya should be. According to Odinga, the sitting president only reelected by tampering with the results. So would Kenyatta massively voting systems in his advantage to hacking.

After the elections, there were riots because of a disagreement about the results. There were eleven deaths among the demonstrators.


For and against re-elected president of Kenya clashed in Nairobi


From the elections showed that 54,3% of the voters behind president Kenyatta. Odinga had to settle for 44.7 percent of the votes. This result was Friday declared invalid by the supreme court in Kenya, a historical first for the country.

The new elections within sixty days. Both the party of Kenyatta as Odinga has indicated again to join the fight for the presidency.


Kenyan president Kenyatta warns opponents in sermon

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