President of argentina announces state of emergency in the capital after the protests

The Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, has Saturday morning (local time), the state of emergency was declared in the capital city of Santiago. For this purpose, after Chilean authorities Friday night in the entire metro system in Santiago is closed because of violent demonstrations had broken out at the price increases for the metro tickets.

The protests began when the students in the streets were protesting at rising prices, that is, October 6, in the operation, went.

The price for a ticket during the rush hour, for instance, from about 800 Chilean pesos, at 830, Chilean peso (eur 1.05 million). The banks are, according to the authorities, because of the weakness of the peso, together with the high cost of energy.

In the past two weeks, was two hundred of the incidents take place in the metro, in Santiago, and largely as a result of young people about the fences, jumps, gates and forced them. In some cases, the police had to intervene with batons and tear gas.

On Friday, the protests, more and more, and, eventually, violent. People stop stationsingangen and a bus on fire, and later re-equip all of the stations during the middagspits.

Thousands of people went out in the evening in the street and blocking traffic. Decided authorities to set all of the 136 stations in the city to shut down.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs the travel advice for Chile on Saturday has tightened and travellers are aware of the situation, “to follow closely”.


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