President Kenya accepts invalid elections by Court

President Kenya accepts invalid elections by Court

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta is calling for calm now his recent election victory was annulled by the supreme court. He argues that the importance of the rule of law to respect, even if people don’t agree with the ruling of the court.

The Kenyan presidential election must, within sixty days be repeated. The supreme court in the East African country ruled that the election commission has been guilty of “irregularities and illegaliteiten”.

The court did, ruling in a case that was brought by the Kenyan opposition. Opposition leader Raila Odinga believes that president Kenyatta will only be by tampering with the results is re-elected. After the elections there were violence due to disagreement about the results. The police reacted violently against the protesters of the opposition.

Judge David Maranga find that the election commission has “failed or refused” the ballot, in accordance with the constitution to perform. Four of the six judges of the court got behind that opinion.

International observers said after the elections that the vote largely fair manner.


The judgment of the court is unique in the Kenyan history. “This is a very historic day for the Kenyan people”, wonder Odinga. “It is the first time in the history of African democratisation is that a court presidential election after irregularities annulled.”

Kenyatta announced later on that his party with the same views as before, will take part in the new elections. “The court has made a decision. We respect it, but disagree. And again: “I say peace, peace, peace”, said the president. “That is the nature of democracy.”


After the election results last month it became known, vomiting unrest in the country, with eleven deaths. According to the coalition of opposition parties demanded the violence is more than a hundred lives.

Opposition leader Odinga called the same day to a massive strike, but the largest part of the Kenyan labour force gave no heed and just went to work.

Many Kenyans fear a repeat of the large-scale violence after the elections of 2007, causing more than a thousand people were killed. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans beat when on the run. The reason for the violence was when a conflict over alleged electoral fraud.

Leader of the opposition Kenya calls for strike

Odinga has called for a strike on Monday to his claim on the presidency to support.

Odinga disputed the results of the presidential election and claims that there is fraudulent.

According to the leader of the opposition, he is himself the winner of the election.

Four thousand people were at his speech to support him.

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