President Hollande comes up with a plan for decommissioning migrantenkamp Calais

President Hollande comes up with a plan for decommissioning migrantenkamp Calais

Photo: AFP

The French president Francois Hollande has come up with a plan for the dismantling of the migrantenkamp in Calais. Hollande wants the thousands of ‘residents’ to spread the word about shelters in the country.

It is the first time that Hollande with a detailed plan for the dismantling of the camp. According to the president get the migrants to four months in order to seek asylum in France.

Hollande had previously been severe criticism on the poor conditions in which the migrants live in the camp. Himself he had already admitted that the conditions “unacceptable”.

Earlier this year, was a part of the camp already been demolished, but the number of refugees in the camp increases. In June, there were according to the French government about 4,500 refugees. This number is in the last months amounted to about seven thousand. Humanitarian organisations say that there are currently about nine thousand migrants in the camp live.


During the French presidential elections in 2017 will be the field of refugees is an important issue. Might be a result of the decision of Hollande to the camp to close this along.

The president made his plans known during a visit to a shelter in Tours, about two hundred kilometers southwest of Paris. The different locations offer according to Hollande space on forty to fifty migrants. “There would be no camps are allowed to be in France”, said Hollande during his visit.

In total, the migrants four months stay at those locations. There is consideration of whether they meet the asieleisen. If this is not the case, the migrants are turned off.

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