President Desi Bouterse will get twenty years in prison for the December murders

Desi Bouterse, the current president of Suriname, and the prime suspect in the unresolved case of the December murders, on the Suriname court martial and sentenced to twenty years in prison for the medeplegen murder of his wife.

Intentional and wilful misconduct in accordance with the court martial to be enough proof. The court martial does not require any immediate arrest.

In 1982, it was Bouterse, the leader of the then military government in Suriname, among which fifteen prominent Surinamese men were tortured and killed. The prosecution demanded a year in 2017, twenty years in prison, against Bouterse, as against up to seven other defendants.

Friday afternoon began with the Suriname court martial, unexpectedly, with the reading of the verdicts in the trial surrounding the December murders. Among others, ex-bataljonscommandant Etienne Boerenveen has been acquitted of all charges, while Suriname’s Public Ministry, and twenty years of imprisonment against him, to be claimed. The court martial found no evidence that he was present at the shooting of the victims in the night of the 7th to the 8th of december.

The Suriname court martial dealt Friday to the business of the defendants, Jimmy, Stolk, and Arthy Gorré. Mr. Stolk has been found not guilty due to a lack of evidence. In the case of Gorré was put on hold, as he is in 2018, has passed away.

“Faith in the rule of law was restored’

“We believe in the rule of law of this country, and in righteousness, and it is Friday, and for a large part been restored,” says Sunil Oemrawsingh at He is the nephew of the killed, assistant professor of Sugrim Oemrawsingh, and the president of the Foundation, 8 December, 1982 by the foundation, where more than a hundred family members and the families of the fifteen victims, to be connected to it.

But it is Oemrawsingh too far away to join us. “We have, since 2000, for an investigation into the murder of the fifteen sons of this country, and we are in the path of righteousness, risen, and are now 12 years into a court case. Bouterse still has the option of lodging an appeal.”

Oemrawsingh don’t expect that to appeal again to the twelve year wait. “This is the largest verdict ever in Suriname it is spoken, it took hours and hours. The ruling was clearly explained and carefully presented. And it is so substantial that there were details that were mentioned that we had forgotten.”

He asks that the court, at most, a year, you will need to have the court of appeal. And, how the decision will work, “we will bow our heads before the judge makes his decision,” said Sunil Oemrawsingh.

A spokesman Bouterse, calls ruling ‘conspiracy of white men

Friday afternoon, when the court martial is still no decision had been made, said a spokesman for Bouterse to the staatsradio that the award has been established by the “conspiracies of the white men, the secret service, and Mark Rutte in the netherlands”. Mark Rutte said on Friday afternoon during his weekly press conference that Bouterse himself must answer for what he has done.”

The process for the December murders has been running since 2007. Bouterse know in the case of any period of time, to slow it down by an amnesty bill, 2012 was passed by the Suriname parliament. In 2016, the law of the Surinamese court is put out of operation, allowing the process to continue.

Bouterse appealed

Bouterse is going to be against the ruling to a higher court. Suriname’s president has to be able to the involvement is denied. He was not in the court, to be present, due to a state visit to China. It is unlikely that Bouterse on his return to his country, as the cell runs. It was only after a conviction is on appeal, it will inform the cell that is in need.

It is in the Constitution of Suriname article, which is the president’s right to pardon as he was by a court of law is sentenced by the court. Bouterse may have been a punishment, also to avoid the state of emergency, to call out in the country. Or, it can be temporarily stepping down as president to be an acting head of state, vice president, Ashwin Adhin, give him the grace to give.

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