Presenter Fox News calls Dutch journalist an ‘idiot’

Presenter of Fox News, Tucker Carlson, the Dutch journalist and historian Rutger Bregman in an interview an ‘idiot’. This is evident from video footage that Wednesday night have been released by platform NowThisNews.

According to Bregman, who for The Correspondent writes, and NowThisNews is not cut in the images that are on YouTube. At the end of the conversation, was Carlson Bregman was stuck in.

“Why rot don’t you? With your little brain. You’re an idiot”, said the presenter against Bregman. “I tried you a platform to give, but you’re too annoying.”

Carlson has his own program on the channel Fox News and interviewed Bregman because of his speech at the international forum in Davos. There said the Dutchman that rich people have more tax to pay.

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Bregman pulls out to Carlson

The American started full of good cheer to the conversation, is to hear. He wants the journalist to talk about rich people and businesses tax evasion.

Bregman seemed to be however not going to just to work and pretty soon the criticism on Fox News. “Most of the people in Davos and here at this station are paid by billionaires. You should not take this kind of things not to say.”

“It is good that you finally want to have”, continued the Dutch historian. “But you’re not part of the solution but of the problem.”

Bregman accuses all Fox-presenters of the acceptance of money from the rich and famous, in exchange for certain topics not to discuss.

Then call Carlson Bregman an “idiot” and talk to the two especially to each other.

The interview would already be broadcast on Fox, but the station chose not to do that. Therefore, Bregman yourself now online.

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