Presenter, Ewout Genemans injuries after a violent attack

Presenter, Ewout Genemans injuries after a violent attack

Ewout Genemans has been a victim of a violent robbery. The program’s creator and presenter, late on Thursday at night knowing that he has been deprived of this “some scrapes and bruises,” and has as a result.

“In the interest of research, I can’t tell you how it’s done,” says Genemans. “Of course, I have a lot of confidence in the police. But it is, of course, is a violent event. Luckily, I was there physically, just some scratches and bruises to show for it.”

The incident took place at his house in the city centre of Amsterdam. The presenter, as he parked his car when two men are in the door opentrokken him belaagden and beat us. Then you have to have the phone Genemans taken into account. A number of people that are aware of the incident and called the police.

The presenter made a programme about the robbery

The robbery took place shortly after the first episode of Genemans program Office Burgwallen, when the presenter of a band new, that any of the victims on the street, robbed.

“It’s too much of a coincidence that I am now a tv present, in which we have to pay attention to this kind of theft,” says Genemans.

“Other than that the program appears to be a goal-oriented action. It wasn’t like I had accidentally walked into. They seem to have thought, to have to take me to him.”

According to the police, however, it is a coincidence that: “The defendants in the program are of different types. We do not consider it to be a connection. However, he will have the attention from someone who’s got it all under control, the effort is worth thought. We’re going to be there and that it is focused on Ewout.”

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