Premier League is going to vote about the past shut down transfer

The clubs in the English Premier League to see if they are the transfer market in the summer of 2018 used to be able to shut off. On the table is a plan to only transfers for the first match day. That need for more stability in the spelerskernen sure.

Liverpool-trainer Jürgen Klopp © Belga Image

According to the British public broadcaster BBC will be there on 7 september in London for a vote to take place among the managers of the Premier Leagueteams. If fourteen of the twenty clubs agree, the new measure is approved. Transfers from the Premier League abroad would be in that scenario, however, can still after the openingsspeeldag.

The current transfer market closes (just like in Belgium and other European countries) on the 31st of August or immediately afterwards, if that day falls on a weekend. But then the competition for the past few weeks working on it. Under more Liverpoolcoach Jürgen Klopp is very to find for the new measure. He does not currently appeal to his hint , Philippe Coutinho , because that the court is made by FC Barcelona. Officially plays the Brazilian through a back injury but he would have to make a transfer request. On the other hand, tries to Liverpool for a while, the Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk (Southampton). ‘A former transferdeadline would us this season quite a have helped’, said Klopp. ‘In the end, testifies to the common sense that when the season starts, compiling the core is over.’ About a possible adaptation of the wintertransferperiode in January would not be negotiated.

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