Pregnant women treated with thyroid hormone harmful’

Pregnant women treated with thyroid hormone harmful’

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Specialists must be careful when treatment with a thyroid hormone in pregnant women. Pregnant women with an underactive thyroid are often in this way helped, but when they take too much of this hormone administered to get you may experience pregnancy complications or can the child’s brain may be damaged.

Phd candidate Tim Korevaar, connected to the Erasmus MC Academic Center for Thyroid Diseases encountered in association with professor Robin Peeters and professor Henning Tiemeier that it’s important to proceed with caution when treating pregnant women with thyroid hormone.

“If it is not, harm not,” was the idea, but a wrong dose can this method, the risk of pregnancy complications such as premature birth and pre-eclampsia (pre-eclampsia) increase.


Because an unborn child is dependent on the thyroid hormone of the mother, may be a shortage lead to a reduced development of the brain. Doctors try to prevent this by the schildklierhormoonspiegel as early as possible during pregnancy to standard.

In both the group with a deficit with an excess of thyroid hormone, saw the researchers an average IQ loss of four points.

Learning difficulties

“We have discovered that in the group of pregnant women with low and high thyroid hormone concentrations, the number of children with an IQ that fits in with learning problems (less than 85 points) almost doubled.”

Pregnant women with a mild deficiency of thyroid hormone get at this time often have a full dose of thyroid hormone administered.

Each year, an estimated five percent of the pregnant women a –mild – abnormality in thyroid hormone found.

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