Pregnant women miss raw meat the most’

Pregnant women miss raw meat the most’

Pregnant women miss carpaccio, and other raw or dried meat, the most.

For the study of Baby24 his 6.495 pregnant women were interviewed. As women for one day, all of that would be allowed to eat during their pregnancy would be 43 percent opt for these products.

The largest proportion of women (89 percent) during their pregnancy, all the nutritional advice, but a minority (11 percent) eat something what it is not recommended. Raw meats are a favorite (37 percent), followed by sushi or other raw fish and some raw-milk cheeses (23 percent). Tartar sauce and beef are a lot less (16 percent) eaten.

59 percent of the women does not adhere to the dietary recommendations in the period in which they are trying to conceive or are not yet sure whether she is pregnant. Walter Kuchenbecker, gynaecologist for Women-kindcentrum Isala: “If you’re trying to conceive, it is recommended to take the dietary recommendations for pregnant women to follow, to stop smoking and alcohol avoid. Healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle increases the chance of getting pregnant and reduces the risk of pregnancy complications.”

The survey found that 41 percent of the men in solidarity with their wives, and during the whole pregnancy other recommended foods not to eat.

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