Pregnant woman allegedly had a boyfriend punch her stomach to kill the fetus: report

FILE: A photo of a blank NICU. A pregnant woman in Califronia reportedly told the police she had her boyfriend punch her stomach to kill the fetus, a report said.


The police in California say that a pregnant woman told them that she had her friend squeeze punch to her stomach “at least 10 times” in the hope of killing the fetus, according to a report.

The baby was delivered at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield at 7 1/2 months into the pregnancy and died a short time after, Bakersfield FOX 58 reported.

The baby suffered the injuries ranged from a fractured skull to spinal injuries, the report said.

The staff at the hospital was curious when they noticed bruises on the woman’s stomach. They would have contributed to the injuries in a fall, but later admitted to the scheme, the report said, citing court documents.

#ICYMI Authorities in #Bakersfield still trying to figure out whether this is a criminal offense. #ProLife #ProChoice #Pregnancy

— Kyle Harvey (@KyleHarveyOnTV) June 27, 2018

My friend hit the mother’s stomach “at least 10 times,” until she “stopped feeling the baby move,” said the police.

The mother, the friend and the baby were not indicated in the report. The boyfriend reportedly denies striking the woman.

FOX 58 reported that the county district attorney is investigating. Under the state of the penal code, if the acts, which led to the death of a fetus was given permission by the mother, it would not be considered a crime.

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