Prank caller calls Trump on the phone, the identity of The senator

Comedian John Melendez (left) says he was patched through to President Trump (centre) with the Air Force this week, according to identity, Democratic sen. Bob Menendez (right).

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A comedian, known for his work on “The Howard Stern Show,” he says President Trump with the Air Force One this week, according to the identity of a Democratic senator on the phone

Comedian John Melendez “Stuttering John” podcast posted audio on Thursday from his conversation with the President, where Melendez New Jersey Democratic sen. Bob Menendez claimed. During the conversation, the two seemingly immigration and the Supreme court discussed flew for several minutes as a trump back from a rally in North Dakota.

“I find it amazing that the media is not picking up the fact that I was completely duped by the President & contact…in less than 2 hours while he was with the Air Force One,” Melendez tweeted Thursday.

I find it amazing that the media is not picking up the fact that I was the President duped and got in touch within in less than 2 hours, while he was on Air Force One. Shame on NBC/ CNN & Huffington Post. I gave you a message on your lap.

— John Melendez (@stutteringjohnm) 29. June 2018

A Senior White House official declined to comment to Fox News, citing security issues.

Politico reported that the White house scrambling to figuring out how the prank callers, Trump got on the line.

During the podcast, Melendez played audio of his call to the White house switchboard, where he claimed he needed to speak to the President immediately about pending legislation.

He achieved several White house operators, as said the President would call him back. According to the comedian, a senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, the call returned, connects to Outdo him.

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez. To reach a comedian impersonated Menendez, President of Trump by phone.

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“Hi Bob!”, the voice as the trump is identified, say, as he picks up the phone from Air Force One.

He refers to last year’s mistrial in the high profile bribery case against Menendez, indicating that he sympathized with the Democratic senator.

“Congratulations to all,” he said. “We are proud of you. Congratulations. Great Work. You went through a hard, hard situation. And I don’t think that’s a very nice situation, but congratulations.”

President Trump during a rally in North Dakota this week. A comedian, known for his work on “The Howard Stern Show”, he says, was patched by the trump card of the Air Force this week, according to the identity of a Democratic senator on the phone.

Menendez has been accused of his Senate seat to advance the interests of a friend who is a doctor. The Senate ethics Committee later, “seriously, Menendez admonished” for the acceptance of gifts.

If the impersonator asked about the issues of immigration, Trump said: “So, Bob, let me tell you: I would like to take care of be able to and the situation just as much as any other, at the top level. I would love to have a larger solution rather than the smaller solution.”

As the conversation said to the retirement of judge Anthony Kennedy, Trump: “we are likely to make a decision, Bob, in the next two weeks” on a replacement.

The conversation ended with Trump said: “you, I am speaking to you soon Bob, take care of yourself.”

A spokeswoman for Menendez’s Senate office did not immediately return a request for comment.

Fox News’ Matt Leach contributed to this report.

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