‘Practice at home already with the installation of snow chains’

‘Practice at home already with the installation of snow chains’

The ADAC advises motorists that the direction of the winter leave for home already a time to practice with the installation of snow chains. Thousands of Dutch people leave this weekend to the beginning of the spring in the direction of the southern winter, but forgot this is often a number of preparations.

“Snow chains do require some practice. If you’ve never done before and you come on a trip in winter conditions and must then again to figure out how it should. That can be very frustrating,” says Heleen the Spirit of the Dutch against

The Spirit recommends travelers also to ensure the gloves in the car. “That if you fit snow chains must be installation, you in any case have hot hands.” Additionally, snow chains compulsory in many countries. “Only winter tires are not enough, so you must have them. With only winter tyres, you come to the mountain.”

In addition, the snow chains are important things to take with you in the trunk of the reflecteervestje, a warning triangle, an opening and a wegrijhulp. A wegrijhulp is a pad that you under your tires can make if you’re snowed in, lays The Spirit.

This is how you make the car ready for winter sports


Motorists heading to the skiing attract the best the mandatory vignets for countries like Austria and Switzerland home, the ANWB. When that vignets at home, get you at the border no problems. The vignette for Switzerland which is valid for one year and for Austria, it is possible for each period, a proof can be arranged.

The vignette must be on the windscreen to be stuck. The Spirit emphasizes that this is really important to have before you cross the border. “Because you really get a fine if you don’t have.”

The ANWB expects that this weekend is especially busy in the south of Germany. In the country is in a lot of places on the road. Also, the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland is a bottleneck, where passengers sometimes have to wait another hour. “Make sure you have enough food and drink in the car and a blanket, because you will undoubtedly have to do with delay on the way.”

The toeristenbond recommends travellers to well the current situation to continue to follow. “There can be accidents or a blizzard, the route just a bit differently. This way you will not have any surprises,” concludes The Spirit.

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