Power outage in Argentina and Uruguay, it is ‘partially addressed’

The power that is there, every Saturday was a very, Argentina, and Uruguay) without electricity, the it is “partially addressed”, said the Argentine president Mauricio Macri Sunday night.

According to him, one half of Argentina’s households are now in power. He did not call the interference “unprecedented” and promised a thorough investigation into the cause of this.

In Uruguay, the supply of power Sunday night it was restored in 75 percent of the land, the responsible utility company, UTE.

Also, parts of Brazil, argentina and Paraguay, were on Sunday with a power outage. Or, are the issues that have been fixed, it is not yet known.


Massive power blackout hits millions in brazil and Uruguay

It is not yet clear as to what the massive outage may have caused. Due to the jam, sat, since sat afternoon 7.06 pm local time, about 55 million households in South America was without electricity.

The outage also coincided with the national elections in several Argentine states of america. There were voters in the candlelight, and have the opportunity to vote for the lights of cell phones, according to local media reports.

Companies and aid agencies have had to rely on the power

Companies and aid agencies have had to be without electricity and rely on power. The trains came to a halt, traffic lights went dead, filling stations did not work in the big cities, so that there is no underground any more.

It is not the largest power outage of all time. On the 30th of July 2012 fell to be in India with 670 million people – more than ten per cent of the total population – spend hours with the power off.

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