Potentially millions of chickens culled due to contamination fipronil

Potentially millions of chickens culled due to contamination fipronil

And agriculture organisation, LTO Nederland estimates that the next time a few million with fipronil infected chickens culled will be from the more than 150 affected eierbedrijven.

A spokesman for the trade association said Sunday that until now “several hundred thousand” chickens are taken care of.

“The majority of these chickens would be due to their age, to the slaughter, but must be due to the contamination now be destroyed,” said the spokesman. Chickens are on average between 18 to 24 months for the laying of eggs used.

How many chickens eventually in total will be cleared, depends, according to the LTO for a large part of the eierbedrijven itself. “It is very well possible to young chickens to save the spaces for a thorough clean. The chickens are then quickly fipronil free and need not be removed,” says the spokesman.


Also in the foreign country keeps the issue somewhat busy. Belgium investigates 57 poultry farms on the possible contamination with the harmful pesticide fipronil.This Minister of Agriculture Denis Ducarme Sunday brought out.

A part of the companies that has done business with ChickFriend, the bestrijdingsbedrijf from Barneveld that the means of the prohibited substance in many Dutch barns has sprayed. The products of the companies are now banned from the market in order to protect consumers, according to the minister.

Within a few days, expect the Belgian authorities to the results of the research to the companies.


The French authorities are checking, with the help of the Belgian authorities, as a precaution, or fipronil in the French pluimveehandel is used. According to the French there are currently no indications that infected eggs in France are put on the market and that there is therefore no reason to care.

Research of the Netherlands Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) has shown that, in the eggs of at least 152 companies in the Netherlands fipronil. The NVWA advises consumers to purchased eggs to two to eicodes. The list of eggs in which fipronil is found is constantly updated


What are the dangers of eating infected eggs?

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