Post-traumatic dystrophy can now be objectively identified

Post-traumatic dystrophy can now be objectively identified

For the first time the activity of inflammatory cells in post-traumatic dystrophy, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), objectively measured.

CRPS, also known as posttraumatic dystrophy, is a complication that can occur after a surgery or an accident. That may, after a complicated fracture, but even after only a bruise, for example the hand.

About 4,000 people get here every year suffer from. Estimated to suffer some 20,000 people from a chronic form of the syndrome. They have constantly suffered from pain and symptoms as loss of function, spasm and swelling. People may also be disabled by CRPS.

Because the a long time, it is unclear how CRPS happens, encounter the patients often misunderstanding and, in some cases, in a civil or social isolation.

Blood samples

So far, the syndrome only by means of observation adopted. The researchers discovered that the inflammatory cells also can be measured in blood samples of the patient.

“Until now, the diagnosis can only subjectively be made on the basis of symptoms which the patient presents. That the inflammatory activity in the blood can objectively be measured, is, in a certain sense, a degree of recognition for the patient, which is not always understood feel,” says professor dr. Frank Huygen of the center for pain medicine of the Erasmus MC.

The method is directly applicable to patients or people who suspect they are suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Huygen let you know that the method in the future is also used to reduce the effect of the treatment of the inflammation in CRPS research.

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