Positive comments on Syria agreement, the USA and Russia

Positive comments on Syria agreement, the USA and Russia

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The Syrian opposition and other parties have responded positively to the announced truce in Syria. Friday night came Russia and the United States after twelve hours of negotiations an agreement on the war in the country.

Spokeswoman Bassma Kodmani of the High negotiation committee (HNC) thinks that the agreement has a positive influence can have on the population. According to Kodmani is the application of the armistice in the hands of Russia, which is the only country in the regime to comply may move.

The stop of the fighting for humanitarian organisations, make it possible to provide assistance in all besieged areas, including the hard hit city of Aleppo.

EU-buitenlandchef Federica Mogherini spoke, therefore, of “the right time”. “All parties involved in this conflict should ensure an effective implementation.”


A ceasefire in Syria is “of vital importance”, says minister Bert Koenders. “This can be a breakthrough, as compliance by all parties is checked, the military cooperation between the United States and Russia and Assad are planes really at the floor. It is also important that humanitarian access is now everywhere to be guaranteed.”

Turkey calls the agreement “welcome”. The ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be prepared to give support to efforts to reach a political solution in Syria. Also Turkey offers humanitarian aid to Aleppo, in cooperation with the United Nations.

The British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson said in a statement that it is important that the regime in Damascus are responsible. “I call on Russia in order to exert influence.”

Video: Russia and USA close agreement about war in Syria

Free Syrian Army

The moderate rebel group known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) showed, however, know little to have confidence in the arrangements. Fares el-Bayoush, commander, said that Russia and the government of earlier agreements have never been fulfilled.

The United States and Russia prior to the agreement weeks with each other, speaking to the violence in Syria to stop.

Battle in Syria

A fighter of the rebel group known as Jaysh al-Islam in Douma. In this suburb of Damascus, were Friday fights.

Syrians flee after a on Friday carried out air attack by the Syrian government on the rebels occupied the city of Douma.

A by the air attack wounded arrived Syrian boy lies in a makeshift hospital in the city of Douma.

Government forces managed Friday the strategically important Ramussa-district in Aleppo to conquer the rebels.

A street in Aleppo, after the battles of Friday.

Fighters of the Syrian regime in a bombed out street in Aleppo.

Syrian refugees on Friday evacuated from the rebel-occupied town of Moadamiyet al-Sham.

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