Portland’s mayor vows to use whatever means necessary to bring about the peace is to keep to the planned anti-Antifa counter protest

to connectVideoAttorney to be a reporter was attacked at the Portland Antifa protest against plans to make the city government responsible for

Andy Ngo’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon said in a legal fund has been established in order to prosecute anyone who is responsible for the attack.

Authorities in Oregon are bracing for a possible outbreak of violence following weekend, conservative activists and Antifa supporters to face off with two of the protests, along Portland’s waterfront, is the final act of the mayor of the city in a direct message on Wednesday to those who plan violent acts, and We don’t want you to be here.

The Portland Police Bureau announced last Friday it was preparing for a “wide variety of demonstration events are planned for Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the Willamette River, and on the basis of publicly available information”, these events are for individuals or organizations with diverse ideologies.”

“There is a concern about the criminal intent that is expressed in terms of the publicly available forums, which suggest that some participants are going to engage in violence,” Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, said at the time. “We are taking this into account, and to develop an adequate plan or adequate funding to prepare for such a possibility.”

After a confrontation between the government and the demonstrators, the police have to use pepper spray if you have multiple groups, including to the rose City Antifa, the Pride and joy on the Boys, and others in a protest in the city center of Portland, ore., on Saturday, the 29th of June, 2019 at the latest.
(Dave Killen/The Oregonian via AP)

Portland has been the site of several violent clashes at demonstrations in the past few years the extreme left wing Antifa and the extreme right-wing protesters, including a violent attack at the end of June, in which eight people were hurt, including a conservative, a writer, Andy is an Ngo that works for the web site, Quillette. Non-governmental organisations, said he suffered a brain injury during the attack.


In a video message posted on YouTube on Wednesday, Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, said: “the extremists from across the political spectrum have used it as the city of “committing acts of violence, while the spread of their message.” Wheelers said the officials, who have been taught, that is, the groups are going to do the same thing on Feb. 17, to spread hateful messages in addition to coming up “with the specific intent to commit acts of violence.”

“Hear me when I say this: To those people who are planning to come and cause violence in our city, and we don’t want you to be here,” the mayor said.

Wheeler said he has directed the Portland police to use “whatever means necessary” and to “collect whatever resources are required” to ensure the safety of the public, and the enforcement of the law. While he did not disclose the specific plan, the mayor said the city is working with regional partners to make sure that those who break the law are responsible,” in addition to the have to have of additional funding and co-ordination.

Days prior to Wheeler’s video, the message, and Portland’s police chief, had a similar message to the protesters that come to the city on Aug. 17 with the intention of being violent.

“Don’t come. We don’t want you to be here. I don’t care what side you’re on,” She said on Monday, according to The Oregonian.

A conservative journalist, as Andy Ngo said he was attacked during Antifa protest

S. Cruz is calling for legal action against the Portland mayor, and after public protests; in response, the former deputy assistant attorney general Tom Dupree.

The Portland police department said in a news release that no other organization or event promoter has filed an application for the granting of permits for the events will be announced in the coming week-end.

An event is being billed as an “End-of-Domestic-Terrorism” rally, organized by a former Infowars staffer, Joe Biggs wrote on Facebook, “we have come for the Antifa,” the Oregonian reported. Biggs also claimed that he has spoken to groups such as the Pride and joy on the Boys, and that “there are more than a thousand men,” was seen in Portland on Aug. 17, according to the paper.


In response to the Biggs event, the rose City Antifa has called on its supporters to “defend Portland against the far-Right to attack you”.

A man looks at his cell phone, while you are surrounded by police and medics after he was wounded during a riot at Portland, ore., on Saturday, the 29th of June, 2019 at the latest. Competitive demonstrations, including members of the so-called Proud of the Guys, and the anti-fascist groups, and spills into the streets of downtown Portland, with fighting breaking out in such places as who’s on the way.
(The Noble Guyon/The Oregonian via AP))

In a post on his website called “extreme Right-wing Plans to Invade Portland on the 17th of August,” the local Antifa group claims that people from “all corners of the country” and “bring in their specific political, the violence in our streets.”

“We call on the community to defend itself as it has countless times before. We need to tell them of the far-Right and neo-Nazi groups is that they are not allowed in the Building, and in their search for victims on our streets will not be tolerated,” the post states.


On Monday, Wheeler told the Oregonian that questions Gov. – Kate Brown, for the assistance of the Oregon National Guard, was “one more potential tool in the tool box,” but does not say when he is tempted of any state. She also told the newspaper that it would give the governor, as the rapid response team will be on stand-by.

“We would be remiss in our duties in the planning, and if we do not, at a minimum, consider, in view of the fact that we’ve trained with them for the past couple of years,” She told the paper.

He is of the opinion, the designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization

The Journalist, Andy Ngo, were violently attacked by the Antifa, said the president, and the Republicans are making the right move.

Wheeler, who has been in office since January of 2017, when faced with a serious impact on the growth rate of the Antifa in your city, particularly after a June 29 protest, which led to the brutal assault of non-governmental organizations. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas at the time, called for a federal investigation into Danny, and his actions have allowed “domestic terrorists” for the attack of the Americans on the ground.

But Wheeler, who also serves as the commissioner of the police department, as part of the mayor’s office, denied that he was the one responsible for the lack of trying by the police at the protest, he was out of the country at the moment, and will never be a tactical decision.”

Last month the President, He said he is considering the state of the far-left Antifa activist group as a terrorist organization, equating it with the MS-13 street gang. Trump’s tweet came a day after the Article. Bill Cassidy, R-La., Ted Cruz, R-Texas, introduced non-binding legislation that would designate the group as a domestic terrorist organization.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano contributed to this report.

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