Portland’s mayor, praised the police after a largely peaceful day on the far-right, far-left demonstration

to connectVideoPortland, Oregon, the mayor says they are taking major precautions ahead of the Antifa and far right demonstrations

Dueling protests between Antifa and far right groups are set to take place in Portland, Oregon.

The mayor of Portland, Ore. said late Saturday that his city had avoided the worst-case scenario,” the members of the extreme right-wing groups and extreme left-wing members of the Antifa held dueling rallies in the center of the city, which went on for hours and hours on end.

“In view of the constant movement, and the number of people involved, and I’m so grateful that this is mostly a peaceful event,” Mayor Ted Wheeler told reporters. “The police did an exemplary job of de-escalating the situation, keeping the extremists on both sides, for the most part, and the reduction of the interaction between a group of individuals.”


At least 13 people have been arrested. The police, She She said, in a press conference that it is possible that was arrested were disorderly conduct, interfering with police, resisting arrest, possession of a weapon in a park and unlawful use of a weapon.

Earlier in the day, the police department tweeted pictures of the weapons seized by various groups, including bear spray, shields, and metal and wooden poles.

“At this moment in time, as we know from the six force and events with agents,” She said. “There was one case in which an officer deployed pepper balls. The other agencies that are involved and take a football or a check in opposition to it.”

Six people suffered minor injuries, and one of them was taken to a local hospital. Another person was being treated for a condition that has nothing to do with the protests, police spokeswoman Lt., Tina Jones, said.

Flag-waving members of the Pride of the Boys, and the Three Percenters militia group, began to gather in the late morning, some wearing bullet-proof vests and helmets. In the meantime, the black-clad, helmet-and-mask-wearing Antifa members were among the hundreds of people on the streets. The groups gathered on both sides of the Willamette River, which runs through the city.

Agencies used sound trucks and loudspeakers to remind the protesters of both sides in order to stay out of the street, or they would be arrested. They set up concrete barriers and closed streets and bridges, in an attempt to contain it and to separate the rival groups.

About 700 law enforcement officers from local, state, and federal agencies, including the FBI, were in the city for the right-wing rally, which is expected to attract people from all over the country. Portland Police said the city of about 1,000 officers would be on duty for the meeting, which was hyped on social media and elsewhere for weeks now.

Not all who gathered on Saturday were right-wing groups or Antifa. Also, in the end, people were dressed in colorful outfits as well as those who were part of a prayer service, holding signs that had slogans such as “No Trump, Not the NRA.”

The police formed a physical barrier to under one-Third of the Bridge in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, and to separate the rival groups, and spruce. The Pride and joy on the Boys and their supporters were at the south rim of the canyon, while the counter-protesters stayed on the north side, according to reports from The Oregonian.


KPTV and The Oregonian have reported that some of the protesters began to leave in the early afternoon, and by the government, in short, the re-opening of the Hawthorne Bridge to let them pass. The police department uses police officers on bikes and in riot gear, in order to prevent the members of Antifa, from those that are to follow. The Oregonian reported that a group of left-wing protesters attacked a bus with a group of very Proud of the Boys from the city of Portland, to the breaking of a few windows.

“The Pride of the Boys in contact with or in contact with the units on the ground, saying that she wanted to leave, so it makes it easier for them to leave the area,” Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Dr. White told the newspaper. “It wasn’t planned. It was not orchestrated. We have had a request that they would like to leave the area, and, as we have been able to detect it.”

But for the hundreds of people remained in the town and in the surrounding streets, and there were scuffles throughout the day. At around 4:15 a.m., police said in a gathering of mainly left-wing protestors in the neighborhood of Pioneer Courthouse Square was a “riot”, and he told the people to leave.

Later in the afternoon, The Oregonian reported that a group of left-wing counter-protesters had surrounded the two men with an American flag-themed clothing, and to “harass, threaten, and has been overtaken by events.”

Among the participants of the demonstration, a Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, who organized a similar rally in march of 2017, and 2018, which is struck in a collision. Gibson, on Friday, a warrant of arrest for the crime of riot, but were released on bail hours later.

“I’m just here for the ride,” Gibson told The Oregonian.

Promoter Joe Biggs told the newspaper that the protesters “wanted to be the national attention and we have to do it.”

“Go and look at the President He’s on Twitter,” Biggs said. “He was talking about with Portland, said he is looking forward to the Antifa. That’s what we wanted … Mission accomplished.”

President, Trump tweeted Saturday morning that he is considering the appointment of the Antifa, a domestic terrorist group.

“The most important consideration is to be given to the appointment of an ANTIFA ORGANIZATION OF a TERRORIST,'” He said. “Portland is being watched very, very closely. Our hope is that the Mayor will be able to get a good job done!”

Late on Saturday, the Proud and the Boys have issued a statement vowing to go back to Portland every month to your Time “to take the lead and to remove the scourge of violent, domestic terrorists, from his city,” in reference to Antifa.


Wheeler has responded on Saturday night to beg Biggs for you to think about the millions and millions of dollars of taxpayers ‘ money was used to help the police and provide security for the demonstrations. The mayor also said that Biggs’ rhetoric was stoking a “climate of anxiety and fear on a national level.”

“We don’t want him here in my town. Period,” Wheeler said.

Danny’s message was similar to his warning to the protesters on both sides prior to the talks.

“We don’t want you to hate, and we don’t want to have your power, but if you’re here, we’re going to have to be prepared,” he said in an interview on Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” on the weekends.

“Then again, when it comes to the enforcement of our community standards, we support the rights of people to show up, but we don’t care who you are or your politics are,” he said. “When you think of the violence in the city, you will be held accountable for their actions.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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