Portia de Rossi ‘Arrested Development’ appearance leaves fans confused

Portia de Rossi appeared in season 5 of “Arrested Development”, but her scenes in the war to some fans.


Portia de Rossi is an unusual appearance in the recently released fifth season of the TV comedy “Arrested Development” has left fans of the show confused and angry.

It’s not a bad haircut, or unfortunate choice of the cabinet that has fans rattled — it’s the fact that Rossi appears often via a green screen, filmed her scenes entirely separately from her co-stars.

Old “Arrested Development” viewers will remember that a reliance on green screen visited the show of the much-maligned fourth season. Scheduling conflicts during the filming in 2013 means that a lot of the main members of the cast had to film their scenes separately and get “stuck” during the post-production.

It was a far from seamless process, and made for a distracting viewing exprience.

Producers assured us that injustice would be rectified for the fifth season. The cast were all on board again, and that is crucial, all were available to shoot at the same time.

Except, it seems, when it comes to the Aussie-born de Rossi, who is shown via the hard-to-miss green-screen in many of her scenes as Lindsay Bluth.

Twitter user @MrEAnders tweeted a compilation of very strange photos of the Rossi of the season so far — to note that her character is repeatedly shown with a sheet over her head, to protest against her mother’s jibes about her appearance (very useful, it is also easier to write the Rossi in a scene where everything you need is her voice and you can be a stand-in to play while her hidden under a sheet).

Tired: the place of wigs on Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies are doubles and they shoot from over the shoulder so that they are not in the same room

Fixed: the locations of Portia de Rossi in front of a green screen, and that her with a sheet, so they are not on the set

— Tablewood Ratbirth (@MrEAnders) 30 May 2018

So why this bizarre absence of the set?

De Rossi made headlines earlier this month with an appearance on the woman, Ellen de Generes’ talk show, in which she announced that she all-but-retired from acting and was initially told “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz they would not take part in season five.

“He seemed to understand and came and we had a great conversation and then he wrote to me in five episodes,” she said.

“Don’t know how it happened, but I’m on season five.”

And she was a notable absence from the cast disastrous group interview with The New York Times, in which the male actors talked about a tearful Jessica Walter as she tried to detail the “harassment” she received from co-star Jeffrey Tambor in the past.

Given the pensioner, the Rossi is not filming other projects, were her green-screened scenes with a provision of the reluctant star himself?

It Was an attempt of de Rossi removing themselves from a set that played host to the worst verbal harassment co-star Walter says that she has experienced in its 60 years of acting?

Whatever the reason, the Rossi’s absence makes for a very noticeable problem with the final product, with a number of fans who say that they would have preferred her character to be written is green screened.

I’m not sure who did the green screen for the new series of Arrested Development, but I am assuming that it is a sort of dog in a hat.

— Daniel Hardcastle (@DanNerdCubed) 30 May 2018

Was Portia de Rossi green screened into every scene? Good god, I love me some Lindsey but this is not subtle #ArrestedDevelopment

— Jimmy (@jimmy_G236) 30 May 2018

did Portia have schedule conflicts, because all of Lindsay’s scenes with the other Bluths green screen inserts or never in the same shot lol #ArrestedDevelopment

— winking eye alcohol suggestion (@burntlikethesun) 29 May 2018

Portia De Rossi’s edit in #ArrestedDevelopmentSeason5 is so sloppy. You would not expect of such a seasoned show. It would be more comfortable if she was just written out completely.

— holly (@h0lly_miles) 30 May 2018

It is nothing at all, but I also want to register my sadness, Portia de Rossi, the most underrated part of the cast and CONSISTENTLY one of the absolute comedy killers, has withdrawn from the group, and seemingly out of the show.

— Chris Conroy (@dyfl) 23 May 2018

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