Pope Francis approves controversial relaxing the vows of celibacy, however, is not very good

Pope Francis does not have the permission to hold the priesthood in the Amazon region, is open to married men. The decision is considered to be one of the most important moments of his pontificate so far.

The 83-year-old Argentinian pope, had made the controversial proposal to have been taken into consideration. The Latin-American bishops wanted to take vows of celibacy, in the Amazon region, to ease a shortage of priests, from entering the system.

The celibacy is the promise made by the catholic priests, take to the single to stay in. The potential of flexibility has made quite a stir in the church. The conservative clerics were afraid that the door is open, you’d have to make a complete break from the vows of celibacy within the catholic church.

The progressive clergy members, seems to be the lack of adoption is a loss. They are welcomed to understand more progressive views of the pope on a variety of items, such as the opening of the church for divorced catholics, and to have a more open attitude towards homosexuals. They have also been delighted with the willingness on the part of Francis to the problems associated with child sexual abuse within the church and, to some extent, to deal with it.

The vows of celibacy, there are already a number of exceptions. For example, the priests of the Eastern catholic churches, and Anglican priests into the catholic church to repent.

Former pope Benedict, have spoken out

The Latin American bishops have also suggested that, in order to allow women as permanent deacons in the Amazon basin. To them, that is, the liturgy opened up for a more indigenous elements. St. francis also has no clearance to be granted.

The controversy reached a climax when the former pope Benedict, in a book that warned against a relaxation of the rules. “It’s not possible to have two vocations (priesthood and marriage, ed.). at the same time to carry out,” he wrote.

The 92-year-old Benedict stepped down in 2013, as the pope, and pledged themselves not to interfere with the pontificate of his successor. He said it was “hidden from the world” and that it will continue to be. He was the first pope in nearly six hundred years.

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