Pompeo to the tensions with Iran: “The danger is real”

nearvideo Pompeo says that Iran, the threat is real and credible, the White house is the evaluation of the answer

To discuss Secretary of state Mike Pompeo joins ‘Fox & friends” on Board the USS New York, is escalating the Iran-tensions-and his past military service.

To say Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an interview on Thursday with “Fox & Friends” addressed the rising tensions between the US and Iran, the threat posed by the regime is “real” and “credible.”

“Without going into details, you can be sure that President Trump will ensure that we have all the necessary resources to respond in the case that the Islamic Republic of Iran should decide to attack Americans or American interests,” said Pompeo.

At the beginning of may In the United States, the deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group to the middle East accelerated, and sent four B-52 bombers in the region. The administration has evacuated nonessential personnel from Iraq, are linked in the midst of unknown threats, officials said, Iranian-backed militias in the country.

All this when the White house will put pressure on the country with sanctions, and Iran has been acting of their own — and threatened concerns in Washington and beyond about a military confrontation fuels.

“The threat is real,” said Pompeo on Thursday. “It was credible.”


The White house reportedly is expected to demand, up to 10,000 more troops in the Middle East, as well as other Navy ships, and Patriot missile batteries.

In the last few days, a missile attack took place in Baghdad’s “Green Zone” where the US Embassy is, although Tehran has the responsibility for them. The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, according to the state news Agency IRNA that he search is on to, increases in times of war powers, to an “economic war” triggered by the US sanctions and Trump backing out of the Iran nuclear deal. On 2. May the United States warned other Nations that purchase oil from Iran, or the penalties even.

On the question of whether the recent Iranian threats were in response to U.S. sanctions, Pompeo stated that would be a too strong simplification.

“There is a long history of Iranian terrorist, long before our sanctions efforts, as this is not only about our sanctions, this is about the nature of this theocratic regime, these kleptocrats, in Tehran. We are determined to push back.”

At the same time, Pompeo the success of the sanctions against Iran are being propagated.

“The sanctions have certainly had their intended effect. You have restrictions that the leadership in Iran has the ability to incite terror,” he said. “There are Hezbollah soldiers, no longer paid or to be paid, a fraction of what you paid before. Their ability to expand their terror network in the world, has been reduced.”

Pompeo contrasted this with the approach of the Obama administration, which criticized a nuclear deal with Iran, which was strong, by Trump and other Republicans.

“The current government has a different way. You are guaranteed that the government by hundreds of billions of dollars and the ability, the terrorist team in place we see today,” he said. “The terrorist threat that we face. President Trump has a very different course of action. We are determined not to just stop their nuclear weapons to prevent the program and you have ever used a nuclear weapon, but that you are out of the building its missile program, and the execution of terror campaigns.”


The administration has said that war with Iran is not your goal and your actions are the deterrent.

“This is an important mission,” said Pompeo. “We have 40 years of terror to come from the Islamic Republic of Iran and President of the Trump, the course of the regime.”

Fox News’ Alex Pappas and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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