Polman believes that handbalsters huge growth


Polman believes that handbalsters huge growth

Although Estavana Polman very disappointed about missing out on the gold with the handbalsters at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, is aware of the opbouwspeelster of Orange that the team in the past few months, quickly developed.

The netherlands went on Sunday a little wriggle against Norway in the european CHAMPIONSHIP finals: 29-30. In the world cup final of 2015 and the battle for olympic bronze last summer, lost Orange also all of Norway, but with a much larger margin.

“We only went for gold,” said Polman against the NIS. “We said in advance against each other: if we can, than we can today.”

“We have grown enormously and matured in our game. At the world cup, we lost by eight goals difference, now with one. And if the game is still one minute longer had lasted, we had won. But that is afterwards easy to talk to.”

In the slotseconden got the Netherlands, that closer was crawled in the last minutes, still have a chance at the equalizer. Danick Snelder got a free ball however, it is not Nycke Groot, and then the game was over.

Final european CHAMPIONSHIP handball the Netherlands-Norway in the picture

The Dutch handbalsters were not able to for the first European champion to be.

The Dutch handbalsters were not able to for the first European champion to be. Orange arc in the final of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Sweden with 25-31 for Norway.

After five minutes, there had already been eight times scored in Gothenburg by the 4-4 of Estavana Polman.

The Norway star Nora Mork had to rest six times scored.

Michelle Goos is happy with her 6-5 in the tenth minute.

Cirkelspeelsters Yvette Broch and Danick Snelder together accounted for seven of the fifteen Dutch goals in the first half.

Keepster Tess Wester had a number of important saves for the Netherlands.

At rest, the orientation is the same: 15-15.

The netherlands could in the first ten minutes of peace to keep pace with Norway.

Norway walked away with Orange, but the Netherlands did not give up. An ultimate chance in the last seconds, however, was not paid to the Netherlands, and Norway are european CHAMPIONSHIP title win.

The Dutch women mourn after the narrow loss.

France captured the bronze by a 25-22 victory to Denmark.

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According to the 24-year-old Polman, who in clubverband true for the Danish Team Esbjerg, it will slowly to the handbalsters going to penetrate that, something beautiful is achieved.

“We are very close to that top, have a supertoernooi played. Last year we were to shout with a silver paste, now we are sad. But a few days comes the realization that we have a great tournament they have played.”


Keepster Tess Wester regretted as Polman of the narrow loss against Norway. “We actually had the whole match grip. From both sides, it was a good pot. It is very bad that we are at the shortest end went,” she said.

“We have to show that we are worth, but we could have won. That makes the acid. We were well matched, but I wanted gold wanted.”

Despite this, the 23-year-old Wester that the handbalsters itself on the map. “The whole tournament we have to show that we are strong can come back. This was a vechtwedstrijd.”

“In the last quarter we kept the confidence that the good could come. Unfortunately that did not happen.”

The european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Sweden was the first tournament under the new coach Helle Thomsen. The best performance of Orange on a European title was until this year a seventh place.

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