Polman: ‘Be very, very, very happy if we can at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, to get medals, must fight,”

Estavana Polman is obvious that, in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS next month in Japan, and many of the Dutch handbalsters it is to be expected, but don’t want to be high up on the tower and blow it up. The part of the young team when it’s a tough job, it is just like in the last tournaments to finish on the podium.

“We can get everyone to win, but to be realistic, and realize that it’s just so hard. I think we have a very, very, very happy, and we will be setting up at all to get a medal are allowed to compete,” said Polman Wednesday, a few hours before leaving for Japan at a press conference in Hoofddorp, the netherlands.

The expectations of the handbalsters are mainly on the back of strong performance in the last few years has increased. In the last two european CHAMPIONSHIPS finished on the podium (silver in 2016, and a bronze medal in 2018), and the same is true for the last two world championships: the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2015, there was a silver in 2017 and followed the birds.

“I would have a very high expectation when I go to the results view. This might be due to the outside world again, a medal was to be expected, but as we can see, is that, as a group, do not. We are in a tough group and the ‘cross’ in the hoofdronde with a tough group,” stated the 27-year-old Polman.

“We have to be there from minute one, and all it needs is the right moment to knock. That is, it is not an easy one. It would be really good if we can for medals will be able to compete. Then, ‘fly’, I really like. The most important thing is that we get the most out of what is in it. It Is gold, and I supertrots. It Is in the sixth place, then sixth place.

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2017, there was a bronze for the Netherlands handbalsters. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Talent will give a boost to the team

The handbalsters to play in the first round-robin group stage against the runner up at the worlds in Norway, romania, Slovenia, Serbia, romania, Angola, and Cuba. The top three countries will go through to the hoofdronde and take it out against the best three teams from group B. The top two countries in this group, then, in the semi-finals.

By the stop of, among others, Maura Visser, and Nycke Groot is a Dutch team is at relative to the euro by 2018, with experience of film crews, and the average age of the selection is a lot lower than it was before. In addition, there are some debutantes in the group, but, according to Polman, is that it’s not a disadvantage.

“The talent in the group and to give a boost to the team. If you do that, the girls and their energy and see it, you think, what is it really like to be a great tournament to play in. I do not take particular role in the group, but I will tell you that this tournament is not just ‘hallelujah, we are in the world, it is. The pressure is very high, and it can be stressful. I’m trying to do them for you.”

Estavana Polman extension this week, her contract with her for the Danish club Esbjerg. (Photo: Getty Images)

“The balance of my life back

For Polman is the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, at the right time, for the native Village is still in good shape, and is, above all, happy in its own skin. It is not for nothing, she decided to take this week that his contract with the Danish Esbjerg, where she has been since 2013 it plays, but once again, one year at a time.

“The balance in my life right now is really good. For the rest, it is back”, says Polman, who in the last world cup (in 2017) will be just one-half years, the mother of her first child. “If you’re just a mother-that is, it will take a while before you get the balance you like. Now, I can make bold to say that within a week, but that’s not the case. Now I’m feeling really good, and I just really really really looking forward to the world cup.”

The handball world CHAMPIONSHIP is on the 30th of november and the start of the Netherlands will begin with a match against Slovenia, and will run until Sunday the 15th of december. With the world cup two years ago in Germany and was won by France, which was too strong for Norway. The netherlands have won the battle for the bronze age in Sweden.

The world cup for the Netherlands is not a tournament in itself, as the team’s coach, Emmanuel Mayonnade in Japan, for the olympic qualifier (MAR). A place in the first seven countries, including the Netherlands, anyway, enough for it to be in the tournament to qualify. The world champion puts himself directly in front of the Play.

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