Polling stations in Iran closing hours later due to high turnout

Polling stations in Iran closing hours later due to high turnout

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As a result of the high attendance continued to the polling stations Friday in Iran more than five hours longer to open than planned. Meanwhile, the ballot boxes closed.

In the presidential elections, especially the incumbent reformist president, Hassan Rohani, and the extremely conservative Ebrahim Raisi against each other.

Before the inhabitants of Iran, Friday morning from 8.00 am their voice were release, there were already long queues in front of polling stations. The opening hours of the polling stations were five hours extended to 23: 00 local time. Eventually locks to the ballot boxes, about half-past twelve.

After the official closure should the voters still stood in line, still cast their vote. Reports that the state television.

Rise well for Rohani

A high turnout, according to observers good for the moderate candidate in the Iranian elections. Rohani hopes to be re-elected because he is the country out of its isolation. He closed in 2015 an international agreement on the nuclear program of Iran.

Rohani aims for more openness to the West. His opponent Raisi wants no foreign influence in the Islamic Republic.

If none of the candidates, more than half of the votes, 26 may a second round. A second round would, according to observers more conservatives on the leg and are a threat to Rohani’s re-election.

Elections In Iran

The ballot boxes in Iran Friday morning at 8.00 am (local time) opened for the presidential election.

Rohani is going for his second term.

The fight goes this time between the moderate incumbent president Hassan Rohani and Ebrahim Raisi, the least known candidate, but also the one that is closest to the ayatollah.

President Rohani brings his voice out.

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