Polling frustrated after the switch-off at the CHAMPIONSHIP of ” anti-right of the opponent

Kim Polling was fed on Sunday a firm to its defeat in the second round of the european CHAMPIONSHIP in judo in There. The defending champion took her opponent is Anna Bernholm off with a passive or a third party, the punishment had to be given by the referee.

“You clearly have very good athletes to win, nothing to do with the anti-right”, lamented the 28-year-old Polls. “They have a five-minute small, done, at the end of an action, and that it provided her with the win. I don’t think that is fair, but there are still more things that you can’t be honest. I just have to work with.”

In the province of Groningen has won in the republic of belarus, where the european CHAMPIONSHIPS for judo, and is part of the Eu, in the first round of the category up to 70 kg ippon by the German Laura Vargas Koch. In the second round, she lost by Bernholm, because they have a stranglehold came out.

Polling had been at the party, in the sense that the Swedish one third of the punishment and, consequently, the loss of the unearned, because of a lack of brightness. “This little girl did not want to practice judo, and she had to wait it out. I was waiting for her in the third sentence, but it isn’t.”

“And I also know, however, is that they do not quickly get a third penalty, even if there is no one bag will do. That’s why I have to be patient, but I’m not that good at it, and then I go and take risks. Today, I lost something that I had always been the trouble with you, so I’ll have to work on it.”

At last I have my right to feel it back, I lose today, because that practice judo properly, which was what I was meant to do. Very frustrating that the right is losing the anti-right). But, despite the fact that I have this is very unfair, you can find it…

AvatarAuteurkimpollingMoment of plaatsen11:may 28 – June 23, 2019

Polling was no longer an

Polling is only just fit again after 312 days on the side due to a herniated disc. The European champion-2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, with interest in The confirmation that they are once again completely re-established.

“I was very, very good at it, I’m quite happy with it. In my first match against the German, did you see that the judoënd all is well. Just as a Swedish one, I should do not practice judo, and a bit of patience. I haven’t done it, and that it is not so easy.”

Polling is now focused on the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in judo, that is, from 25 August to 1 september, will be held in Tokyo, japan.

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