Political parties gave 200.000 euro on Facebook ads

Political parties and their candidates spent in the Netherlands in the run-up to the European Parliamentary elections certainly 200,000 euros to ads on Facebook, turns out Monday from an analysis of

The SP gave in the month before the elections the most out of Facebook ads: at least 49.000 euro. Followed by D66 (34.000 euro) and GroenLinks (28.000 euros).

The European elections were the first elections where Facebook in Europe, has announced how much has been spent on political ads on the platform. analysed the data that Facebook has published in his advertentiebibliotheek. The amounts are based on the expenses on ads on the Facebook pages of parties and party leaders.

The PVV party, Forum for Democracy and I THINK advertised as far as is known not on Facebook, it is evident from data that the social medium over the period 25 april to 24 may public has made. The netherlands went on the 23rd of may to the polls.

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Last week, a lot of ads purchased

In the thirty days until the elections were over twelve hundred ads placed by Dutch parties, candidates and European political parties. More than a third of the ads was in the three days before the elections and on the Dutch election day posted.

Tom Float, communicatiewetenschapper at the University of Amsterdam, tells that it is normal that parties just before the elections are most active. “In the last few days before the elections are for the campaign the most important. In these days of trying parties doubters to convince and encourage their supporters to go vote.”

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Candidates introduce themselves campaign

Various candidate Companies were also actively advertise on Facebook. To the extent that could gather, put 35 candidates on their own Facebook-page ads. It was to these ads in a total of almost 30,000 euro. Most of the money, nearly 10,000 euros, went to the page of Henk Jan Ormel, the number five of the CDA.

It is not certain whether the information about the candidates fully. discovered that on the day of the elections, the number six from the VVD, Catherine Rinzema, by Facebook not as a politician was considered. As a result, her ads is also not as political ads registered. It is therefore possible that candidates have advertised that is not in the analysis are taken into account.

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European parties also launched a campaign in the Netherlands

The umbrella parties in the European Parliament, such as ALDE (the fraction where D66 and the VVD) and The Greens (where the y at) advertised also in the Netherlands.

That overarching parties gifts together over 21,000 euro. The Greens spent about 80 percent of that amount: more than 17,000 euros.

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