‘Political developments Trump threat to human rights’

‘Political developments Trump threat to human rights’

Photo: Amnesty International

The international human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) stores in the yearbook 2016/2017 alarm about the political developments, where president Donald Trump.

Based on “a rhetoric of us against them” and they pose “a threat to the human rights'”, read about it in the yearbook this Wednesday, appeared.

“Trump represents the biggest political earthquake of 2016 and are poisoned election campaign was an example of a global trend which leads to anger and separation.” The politics Trump the prospect has made, is to a high degree in conflict with the respect of human rights.

Politicians send aware to divided societies and some groups in a society is set aside and as a scapegoat is considered. That happens in many countries, including the Philippines, Hungary, Turkey and the United States.

The state of human rights in 2016 has significantly worsened, according to Amnesty. The human rights organisation criticises in the yearbook, the predecessor of Trump, Barack Obama, who in many cases seriously negligent. Example are the many attacks by drones on suspected terrorist suspects, which in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen with many civilian casualties.

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