Police was a month long owner of a large online market for illicit drugs

Police was a month long owner of a large online market for illicit drugs

The Dutch police was more than 27 days the administrator of the online drug market, Hansa, and could be so accurate all the drug trafficking through the site to keep an eye on.

That makes the Dutch police Thursday known. Hansa is a drug market on the so-called dark web, anonymous to use part of the internet.

The police could have a month country look with everything on the site happen, and as customers and drugsverkopers detection. The control of the site was by the police acquired after the founders of the site in Germany were arrested.

In place of the servers of Hanza after the arrest as is common offline, copied to the police the site to that from its own servers seamlessly in the air. Almost a month long, could the police Hansa unnoticed manage. The police worked together with police and justitiediensten in Germany, Lithuania, the United States, and Europol.

Trust no one

Via Hansa could drug dealers of both software and hard drugs come into contact with customers. Via internet ordered drugs through the mail to customers sent. The police could all the transactions in keep track of and all the names and passwords of users to be intercepted.

The Public prosecution service (OM) says the action also want to demonstrate that customers on the ” dark web, no one can trust. “You’re thinking somewhere unnoticed to log in and communicate? Not if we the admin are”, said a spokesperson of the ORDER.

Never buy drugs on the internet! You’re not anonymous! #hansadown


Time of placing
14:31 – 20 July 2017


At 16.19 hours took the police Hansa offline. “We now have so much information, that we have decided that enough is enough. We are going to focus on all of the studies that could be started.” On Thursday, the police at least four drugsverkopers held as a result of information provided via Hansa is collected. Possible more arrests.

In the small month that the police administrator was, there were about 500 orders from the Netherlands placed. A number of these orders is intercepted. According to the police, the drugs in all imaginable ways sent, by first-class mail to hidden in products that package to be sent.

Every day via Hansa, on average, a thousand bestlelingen done, good for more than 50,000 transactions in the period that the police administrator was. The approximately 10,000 foreign addresses foreign drugskopers with Europol shared.

A lot of new users

When the larger online drug market Alphabay a week ago by the U.s. department of Justutie was taken offline, looking for a lot of users have resorted to Hansa. According to the police got the site in a short time some five thousand additional users, causing the servers of the police the heavy burden became.

The police switched on the encryption of messages without the users to inform them. While users thought that their communication is encrypted was, could the police and the Public Ministry look as well. So this week a topverkoper of drugs held in Krimpen aan den IJssel.

The Public Prosecutor has seized on accounts with a total of more than a thousand bitcoins, converted about 2 million euros. The bitcoins are transferred to an account of the ORDER. “Because crime never should wages”, said a spokesman.

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